Why Law Roach Says Julia Fox 'Needs to Be Commended' for Her Style

Why Law Roach Says 'OMG Fashun' Cohost Julia Fox 'Needs to Be Commended' for Her Style

Law Roach, Julia Fox.
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As Zendaya‘s stylist, Law Roach is considered a red carpet fashion expert, but don’t expect him to slam Julia Fox‘s wildly eclectic style.

“Whether I agree or disagree with what she wears, she talks the talk and she walks the walk, right?” Roach, 45, told Interview magazine in a feature published on Monday, May 6.

The “image architect,” as he calls himself, praised Fox, 34, for practicing what she preaches about sustainable style and spotlighting up and coming artists.

“She’s created this world where she wears these independent designers and clothes that were made from discarded things, and I’m a huge fan of her for doing that,” Roach added. “I mean, Julia could be in high fashion couture but she chooses to wear the clothes that she wears. She brings eyes to these designers, which a lot of people would have never discovered. And I think she needs to be commended for that.”

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He continued: “A lot of people talk the talk, like, ‘Oh, sustainability is great, and up-cycling is the way to go.’ But she’s really walking in that right now.”

Why Law Roach Says 'OMG Fashun' Cohost Julia Fox 'Needs to Be Commended' for Her Style
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Style isn’t the only place they differ. Roach said he agreed to host OMG Fashun, in part, because of Fox, who balances his harsh critiques. “I’m always the bad cop. I think that’s just naturally who I am,” he explained to Elle in a feature published on Monday. It comes more from a [place of] tough love. It’s a: You can do better. I want you to do better. You’re going to do better. Julia is a bit more gentle than me, but she can be very fierce when she needs to be.”

The show, which debuts Monday immediately after E! Live From the Red Carpet wraps up Met Gala coverage, puts three designers to the test each week. They must create a look for Fox with a focus on sustainability and upcycling.

The pair haven’t spent much time together since filing but Roach hoped to run into his cohost at the Met Gala, which he attended alongside Zendaya. He wore a black satin suit while Zendaya stunned in a green and blue gown with a feathered fascinator.

“I’ve heard [Fox] says some amazing things about me. We definitely communicate; we text,” he told Elle. “I haven’t gotten a chance to see her since we stopped filming because I’ve been on these two press tours. We’ll catch up at fashion week and probably have dinner and hang out once we’re in the same city. I don’t know if she’s going to the Met Gala, but if she is, I’ll run into her there. Excited to see her again, to be quite honest.”

OMG Fashun premieres on E! Monday, May 6, at 9 p.m. ET.

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