Whoa! MAGAs React To Question To Trump About 6-Week Abortion Ban

A reporter asked Trump what he thought about the Florida Supreme Court allowing the 6-week abortion ban Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) signed. Thankfully, though, the Court is allowing state constitutional amendments regarding abortion access and recreational marijuana to be on the ballot in the fall, and that might not work out well for DeSantis, and his woman-hating colleagues. In deep-red Kansas in 2022, the people rejected the proposed state constitutional amendment that would have banned abortion in the state.

Trump, for his part, wasn’t a total dick, but he also knows that an outright ban on abortion during an election year is political suicide. And make no mistake about it, a 6-week abortion ban is a complete ban. A woman won’t even know if she’s pregnant at that point.

“Mr. President, do you support the six-week abortion ban that the Florida Supreme Court just upheld?” a reporter asked.

“We’ll be making a statement next week on abortion,” Trump said.

The crowd shouted “USA!” at least ten times. That is their reaction to a massive issue for women, and we’re a vast, coveted voting bloc.

Keep it up, guys. Keep shooting your mouths off as if we don’t matter. We’ll vote in force. USA, motherfuckers.

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