Tuberville Worried About 'Abortions After Birth'

Senator Tommy Tuberville was talking with the Snickers Lady and explained why he was still withholding promotions – he failed health class:

They can’t tell us about the policy and terms of the abortion itself. We know that it’s rape, incest or health of the mom. But we asked in one of our hearings what month are you going to go by for the abortion, they couldn’t tell us if it would be abortion after birth.

And there we see why Tuberville is a serious contender with RoJo for the title of dumbest person in the senate. If you’re talking about after birth, that is called murder, and there are already laws against that. So there’s nothing for you to worry your little peabrain about.

Now just go and do your job – finally – so that these men and women can go about doing their jobs of keeping the country safe.

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