Trump Trial: Stormy Day In Court!

The weather outside may have been beautiful in New York City, but inside the courtroom it was STORMY! One of the most anticipated witnesses of Donald Trump’s 1st criminal trial (of 4) made her debut on Tuesday morning. Glamorous, blonde hair back in a low bun, glasses and dressed demurely for court, she still overtook the room with her bigger than life personality.

Before Stormy Daniels even takes the stand, though, the defense tries to block Stormy from going into details about the sex she had with Donald Trump. You know, the sex Trump denies even occurred. That sex.

Denied. But she can’t get into lurid details. I guess that is a bit of a win. She can’t describe his tiny, misshapen, mushroom like peen. On the record, at least.

Stormy takes the stand. General back and forth about her life, how she got into porn, etc. Then she starts sharing the story about the night she met Trump in his hotel penthouse at Lake Tahoe in Nevada. Reports from the courtroom are that ALL 18 jurors are paying close attention to everything she is saying.

We get to spanking.

Then this secret.

Then the…I am sorry…(deep breath)…she talks about The Sex. (excuse me while I gag).

The details she shares: Missionary. No condom. She was concerned, but didn’t say anything. It was *brief*. Oh, and Trump told her THREE times that she reminded him of his daughter, Ivanka. PUKE LEVEL HIGHEST EVER.

Then she talks about the payment and a threat she received in a parking garage.

Lots of back and forth about tweets and insults Trump hurled at her. Tweets where she bashes him too. Funny how many nasty names about Trump are being entered into the court record for all history.


We are back and Trump’s team is asking for a mistrial. Why? Todd Blanche said that Stormy said something that was “extraordinarily prejudicial” that was meant only “to inflame this jury.” He is talking about the parking garage threat by a stranger. No idea why that would cause a mistrial in a case about election interference and business fraud, but ok. Straws can be grasped.


Then the judge DINGS Trump’s team for not objecting more when Stormy was testifying. He actually said: “I will also note that I was surprised there were not *more* objections at various times in the testimony. At one point, the court sua sponte objected because there was no objection coming from the defense.”

When the judge is doing your job for you, you are failing as lawyers.


Necheles, the female attorney on the defense team, is doing the cross. She comes out, guns blazing, grilling Stormy about whether she was coached or prepped by the prosecutor. Not unexpected to prepare, but an odd place to start.

Then this back and forth:

NECHELES: “Am I correct that you hate President Trump?”
STORMY: “Yes.”
NECHELES: “And you want him to go to jail?”
STORMY: “I want him to be held accountable.”

Then onto the accusation that this was all about making money for Stormy.

When this isn’t landing Necheles accuses her of “making this all up” which leads Stormy to respond “nooooo.”

Gross lawyering.

Then onto Stormy owing Trump legal fees.

Then about if she ever denied having sex with Trump. She says yes “because I had an NDA.” DUH. They talk about her book “full disclosure” and how she didn’t say she had sex with Trump. Then onto the parking lot threat. Stormy was reportedly on her way to an exercise class with her infant daughter. A man allegedly approached her, told her to not do anything more or talk about Trump again and then made a comment about how it would be a shame if anything happened to the baby’s mother (I am paraphrasing, but you get the gist).

Necheles is trying to show that because Stormy didn’t tell anyone at the class, that it was a lie.

This back and forth trying to link Michael Cohen to the threat?

NECHELES: Now you and Michael Cohen are buddies??
DANIELS: I wouldn’t say we are buddies, he went on my podcast and I went on his.
NECHELES: On that podcast, he told you he had nothing to do with any supposed threat.
DANIELS: Correct.
NECHELES: Both you and Michael Cohen aspire to make money off of seeing President Trump go to jail, correct?


Ok, we are back. 17 minutes to go, as the judge has stated that court will end at 4:30 on the dot!

More back and forth about Stormy selling her story, trying to profit off of this, etc. AND THEN WE ENDED FOR THE DAY! Stormy is back on Thursday (no court on Wednesday) for the rest of cross and then redirect by the prosecutors.

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