Trump Spokesperson Hilariously Self-Owns While Trying To Insult Joe Biden

A spokesperson for Donald Trump tried to attack President Joe Biden as someone who “can hardly speak,” but then struggled herself with a couple of words.

“The transcript in the Hur report was incredibly damn-en-ing to Joe Biden,” Karoline Leavitt, national press secretary for the Trump campaign, said on Newsmax on Tuesday.

She repeated the non-word moments later.

“It also was extremely damn-en-ing to him politically as it showed what the American people see with their own eyes every single day, and that is Joe Biden can hardly speak,” she said.

Leavitt also referred to Attorney General Merrick Garland as “Merricka Garland.”

Leavitt, who ran for Congress and lost in 2022, was referring to special counsel Robert Hur’s highly controversial report in the classified documents case in which he attacked Biden as “a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.”

Former Justice Department officials have slammed Hur for what seemed more like a personal attack on the president than a report explaining the case.

On Tuesday, critics mocked Leavitt for stumbling over words herself as she claimed Biden “can hardly speak.”

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