Trump: Let's Hold All Of My Trials After The Election, K?

Twice-impeached fourice-indicted former President Donald Trump is in no place to make demands. Still, Trump wants his trials to take place after the election, even though the investigations were launched before he announced his bid for the GOP nomination.

Nearly a dozen Republican-appointed former judges and high-ranking federal senior legal officials on Monday said that they endorse the trial date of January 2, 2024, that was proposed by special counsel Jack Smith in his 2020 election interference criminal case against the one-term President, according to CNN.

Trump took to Truth Social to call for the trial dates to take place after the election. Probably so that if he wins, he can pardon himself. His fear and desperation are palatable.

“All of these Biden Administration bogus trials and cases, including the locals, should be brought after the 2024 Presidential Election,” he wrote. “What they have done is already Election Interference, but if the trials are held before the Election, then it would be Interference on a scale never seen in our Country before.”

Wrong. What Trump is doing is election interference. He needs to pay for his crimes. He doesn’t get a timeout.

He also launched an attack on Fulton County DA Fani Willis:

“Can you believe it? This failed District Attorney from Atlanta, Fani Willis, where murders and other violent crime soars daily to new record highs, is charging me with 2020 Presidential Election Interference,” he added. “No, Fani, the only Election Interference was done by those that Rigged and Stole the Election. Those are the ones you should be going after, not the innocent people that are fighting for Election Integrity!”

Lumpy is facing 91 charges, and he thinks he’s on a first-name basis with her.

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