Tom Brady Shades Taylor Swift & K.C. Chiefs For Only Having "14-Year-Old Girl" Fans

At his Netflix comedy roast, former NFL quarterback Tom Brady took a moment to poke fun at Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce, and the Kansas City Chiefs.

The 46-year-old father of three addressed the live audience at the Kia Forum by calling out a fellow NFL team.

“Kansas City, you say your stadium is the loudest,” referring to Arrowhead Stadium. “It helps when all your fans are 14-year-old girls,” Brady followed up with a smirk.

The retired quarterback then said, “And In honor of Tay-Tay, let’s take a look at the Chiefs’ eras – terrible for 50 years, good for five. Shake it off.”

Kelce, also 34, has helped lead the Chiefs to win three Super Bowls in 2020, 2023 and 2024.

While Brady’s joke was all in good fun, several Swifites took issue with Brady’s joke, asking why Swift has to be brought into everything and be the butt of a joke. (see: Jo Koy at the Golden Globes).

“It’s disappointing to see Tom Brady resorting to using Taylor Swift for clout with such terrible material. Not funny, just tasteless,” one X user wrote.

Another said, “Nobody knows this man . He wants attention from Taylor and us Swifties so bad”

One pointed out, “Its almost 2 decades and still these ppl think swifties aren’t growing. These teens are now adults and some are even married and have babies lmfao.”

Um, me! Hi! I’m a grown adult, married with kids Taylor Swift fan! It’s me!

I was born in 1989 (!!!) and I can proudly say that I have been listening to Ms. Swift since I was 16 years old, blasting her debut album in my car on the way to school. 11 years later, I am screaming the bridge to “The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived” in my mid-sized SUV with my four-year-old in the back.

So yeah, Brady’s joke was all in good fun and probably an attempt virality (he did it!), and there might be 14-year-old girls filling Arrowhead Stadium to support Tayvis, but there are also moms like me who grew up right alongside Taylor who also tuned into Sunday football for a glimpse of Swift in Kelce box.

I’m calling for an old people Swiftie roll-call!

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