This Mom Wonders If Anyone Else Has Heard Of A "Fiver" Birthday Party

There’s no question that kid’s birthday parties have gotten a little out of control. It feels like the days of balloons, pizza, and some Pin The Tail On The Donkey have done to the wayside, and now parents are shelling out some major cash to celebrate their kids.

However, one mom is throwing her daughter a low-key “fiver” birthday party and was shocked when she learned that so many people had never heard of the concept.

“I didn’t realize that $5 parties weren’t something that tons of people were like privy to but asking for $5 for your kid’s birthday isn’t like a new thing,” TikTok mom Rachel Gibbs said.

“This isn’t just like, a tacky thing I put on an invitation. I am requesting that our friends and family come to my daughter’s first birthday party, and don’t bring any gifts because we truly do not need anything.”

Instead, if Gibbs’s party guests insist on bringing something, she requests $5 towards a project, trip, membership, or some other big ticket item that the family is planning to purchase or pursue. That way, guests can still feel like they’re giving something to the birthday girl without cluttering their house.

“For us, we want to redo our backyard so our kids can play in it. We want to get this great playground and like it’s going to take some work. Like we have to, but it’s for our kids,” she said.

“And we don’t expect our friends and family to bring a damn thing, but like if they want to, I was just like, ‘Please don’t waste your money on clothes or books or toys. We truly don’t need any.’”

She continued, “I am giving stuff away constantly because of what I do for work. We are getting stuff constantly. I had a whole bunch of toys show up to our house today that we truly don’t need, but I don’t want to not have a party. I also don’t want my friends and family to spend money on stuff that I don’t need.”

“Anyway, $5 parties are really fun, and they’ve been around for a long time, and they’re really low pressure, low key and like don’t even buy a card. Just put five bucks in an envelope.”

Several TikTok users commented on Gibb’s video, applauding the idea of a $5 birthday party.

“I’d much rather bring $5 than a random thing you may not want or need!!” one user said.

“We went to a $5 party and the ONLY thing the kid wanted was the huge Paw Patrol Tower. So the parents asked for gifts to be $5 to go towards that one thing. I thought it was genius. Kid was happy!,” another wrote.

“I’ve never heard of a $5 party but I’d looove this. I’m always spending $25+ on gifts lol,” another said.

Others weren’t completely sold on the concept, writing, “I don’t agree with using a birthday for a home project, but you do you. I do ask for $5 towards an investment account that I set up for them to use for whatever they choose”

Another said, “Never host a party and ask for money!! I was raised in the South! 🥰”

By the time kids get to school-aged, there are so. many. birthday. parties! If you’re averaging $20 for a gift and you’re going to two parties a month, that’s almost $1,000 a year in gifts for other people’s kids!

Sign me up for all the fiver birthday parties!

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