The Mainstream Media Is Burying Trump's Very Evil Project 25

So the conservative think tank people and Stephen Miller put together “Project 25” to take over every aspect of both the Federal Government and also our personal lives.

No, really it’s that bad.

And I also think they did it so that Trump’s second “first hundred days” isn’t wasted on, what was it? Oh yeah, inauguration crowd size.

Hennyway, it’s a very bad thing. And their website was down earlier today so you can’t apparently look at it…

…except Joe Biden’s people archived the whole thing so it can’t get memory holed.

Below is an interview on SiriusXM with Media Matters’ Andrew Lawrence, who explains how mainstream media is burying the extremism behind Project 2025. Because both sides have to be equally bad. (Scroll to the bottom of this post for audio.)

JOE SUDBAY (HOST): Well, and one vivid example — he’s not necessarily tied to Project 2025 — but Stephen Miller was reined in a little bit in the first term. Stephen Miller will have unfettered control. He’ll be like the chief of staff or something and help implement this dire plan. And Miller, just for everyone who knows, he does have some right-wing, psycho legal group that’s ridiculous. But he also had a Super PAC in 2022 that spent, I think, close to $100 million attacking the trans community and attacking immigrants.

And that’s the kind of person who will not have any guardrails going in. I mean, because — I pick on him, Andrew, because I think most sane people view him as the devil. So, think of Project 2025 as giving Stephen Miller the keys to the government.

ANDREW LAWRENCE (GUEST): Yeah. And, you know, I think that a lot of people don’t really understand exactly what that means. And I think that, you know, when we talk about a deportation force, which Trump wanted to do in 2016 in his first term, but couldn’t do it, couldn’t pull it off — he will pull that off in his second term. And, you know, while it’s being called a deportation force in the media, what it really is, is a military hit squad that’s going to be going around, kicking in doors, ripping people from their homes and their families, taking your friends away from you. You know, that’s what it really is.

And that, like, they are out there saying, “We are going to do this,” you know. And I see a lot of the media treating it just sort of as politics as usual. And that is — it’s scary and it’s infuriating to me.

SUDBAY: This document is imbued with Christian nationalism and one of the things is — and you mentioned abortion rights, which is a front and center issue. This is like — Project 2025 says the next conservative administration will strike any mention of abortion from government laws, policies, and regulations and that the next administration will reinstate the Comstock Act to ban and track and limit mail order abortions. Like, they are coming at it in every single way possible. They want full control over women’s bodies.

LAWRENCE: Yeah. And they don’t want women to be allowed to travel to get an abortion. It’s, you know — I get frustrated with the media for not covering it. I also get very frustrated at the Democrats for not talking about this non-stop, all of the time because yeah, it’s really scary. And the fact that they’re this organized this time around and they’re this ready for takeoff from day one, it’s not good.

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