The DNC Releases Hilarious Diss Track About Lara Trump

Lara Trump is no Beyonce. But she did see fit to release her “single” the same day as “Cowboy Carter.” Jonathan Capehart was astonished.

But DNC Chair Jamie Harrison was amused.

JONATHAN CAPEHART (HOST): Mr. Chairman, you’ve got 10 seconds to answer this question: are you worried about trying to upstage Beyoncé?

DNC CHAIR JAMIE HARRISON: Oh, no, not at all. But what we want is Lara to keep focusing on her music career while we focus on winning elections over at the DNC.

The RNC is broke. They’re embarrassing, unserious, and they’re a big waste of money.

And his way-more-talented-than-Lara-Trump staff at the DNC cranked up some AI-generated music to diss the Trump daughter-in-law. Here’s the full song:

[Verse 1]

Lara Trump, what’s going on?

You’re running the RNC, but it’s a sad song (sad song)

Fundraising’s low, can’t meet the mark

Republicans losing, it’s getting dark (oh-oh-oh)


Oh Lara, Lara, what have you done? (what have you done?)

The party’s fallin’ down, it’s no longer fun

Oh Lara, Lara, can’t you see? (can’t you see?)

Your leadership’s sinking Trump’s GOP

[Verse 2]

Empty pockets, no money in sight

Candidates struggling, it’s a losing fight (losing fight)

Lara Trump, you doing okay?

The Republican Party’s seen better days (oh-oh-oh)

We at C&L smell a hit!!!

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