Taylor Swift Plays 'Mary's Song' In Special Travis Kelce 'Eras' Mashup

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In the solo section of her Eras Tour sets, Taylor Swift frequently combines songs from across her career to send subtle nods to fans. Her third night playing Amsterdam on Saturday, July 6, included one long message to her biggest fan: boyfriend Travis Kelce.

Swift, 34, began the piano portion of her final Amsterdam show with “Mary’s Song (Oh My My), ” a tune from her self-titled debut album that she hadn’t played in 16 years. The song is such a white whale for die-hard fans that it’s become a running joke for fans to say they heard the Grammy winner practice it during soundcheck.

Notably, the track includes the number 87, which just so happens to be Kelce’s jersey number on the Kansas City Chiefs.

Swift then transitioned into “So High School,” a track she wrote about her budding relationship with Kelce, 34, from her most recent album, The Tortured Poets Department. She ended the mini-set with “Everything Has Changed,” a song from 2012’s Red about a life entirely upended via falling in love.

As has quickly become tradition, Swift reworked the lyrics of her Midnights song “Karma” to include her “guy on the Chiefs.” In other Amsterdam sets, Swift nodded to the football player by incorporating his archery entrance into her dance moves.

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Swift and Kelce left the stage together, with fan video capturing the pair as they walked down a ramp to exit the arena. She was dressed in a glittery blue bodysuit while Kelce wore a white t-shirt and olive green shorts. He briefly paused on the ramp and raised his arms behind Swift to call for applause.

Though the last show in the Netherlands was Kelce-heavy, it’s not the most involved Swift’s NFL beau has been in a single stop. During her final show at Wembley Stadium in London last month, the athlete carried the singer onto the stage before she performed “I Can Do It With A Broken Heart.”

Kelce initially pitched Swift on joining the bike-riding backup dancers who appeared during the 1989 portion of the concert, but Kelce said they settled on “the safest option.”

“I’ve seen the show enough, might as well put me to work here,” Kelce said of the planning on his “New Heights” podcast. “And sure enough, she found the perfect part of the show for me to come in. There was no, like, bike in case I ran into somebody else or hit one of the dancers or anything.”

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Kelce relished the chance to “be a ham” on stage, fanning himself during one of Swift’s costume changes and smiling from ear to ear after she blew him a kiss.

“[I] just made sure I played with Tay and got her makeup right. It was a blast, I had so much fun,” he said.

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