Steve Bannon Sh*ts All Over Educated Women Voters

Steve Bannon, host of the Real America’s Traitor Network, told his audience that college-educated women of all stripes are a waste of time to court for Trump in the upcoming election and the entire GOP.

There’s something about being educated as a voter that upsets Steve Bannon. (That and access to voting.) And of course, women. Steve Bannon hates women.

“You’ve gotta modify your message because you gotta chase college-educated white women, college-educated suburban women, college-educated women of color,” Bannon said. He momentarily got confused and then said all “college-educated women.”

“All the Karens, women of color, he reiterated. (The Karens belong to Republicans and MAGA cultists, Steve)

“It’s just a waste of time and money.” he said. “They think Trump symbolizes the patriarchy.”

Trump’s rapey behavior symbolizes women’s worst nightmares in every practical and political sense.

As much as the MAGA cult says it, Trump is the anti-matter to all spirituality and religion. He’s a heterotroph that sucks all their monetary resources for himself. Educated women understand this all too well.

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