Seth Meyers Skewers Fat Smelvis

The election years of 2016 and 2020 were both were boom years for the late night comedians. But they are starting to look rather lame compared to 2024.

Seth Meyers was having a field day, just covering this past weekend. He takes on Trump trying to claim credit for the stock market by stating that they are excited about his upcoming reelection to the ridiculous claim that “people” say he looked like Elvis. Meyers compared him to the Elvis they found dead on the bathroom floor.

Meyers also covers Trump’s latest sir story about crying steel workers, although it’s not clear if Trump was referring to people working with the metal or people made of the metal.

Meyers also has some sound advice for President Joe Biden. Biden is reported to have referred to Trump as a “f**king a$$hole” and a “sick f**k.” Meyers points out these are not the days of old, where being indicted 91 times is enough to knock someone out of the race, so Biden should just let it rip. And we all know that Biden is not afraid of dropping F bombs since they passed Obamacare and he called it a “big f**king deal.”

But I would be lax if I did not address Meyers beginning into the show. Meyers refuted that this year’s Superbowl was rigged so that Taylor Swift could do the halftime show and endorsing Biden during it or whatever. Meyers claimed that the only Superbowl that was rigged was was 2011 when the Green Bay Packers beat his Pittsburgh Steelers.

I’m sorry, Mr. Meyers, but that was one of the only four games that were’t rigged. All the other Superbowls, which the Packers lost or weren’t even allowed to play in, now those were rigged, dammit!

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