Seth Meyers Mocks Trump's 'Easter Message'

On Tuesday night’s “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” the comedian zeroed in on Donald Trump and the MAGA-world’s Easter weekend meltdowns, as well as Trump’s Truth Social stock collapse. 

Meyers kicked things off with Trump’s Easter Truth Social easter rant, calling it “one of his most deranged screeds yet.” 

“The worst part?” Meyers joked. “Stole that from a Hallmark card.”

MEYERS: That Easter rant may be the most deranged thing Trump has ever posted online, which is saying something because he once misspelled his own name. Just put yourself in a place where a friend or loved one sent you a text like this. Would you immediately alert your entire family and urge them to seek help or would you write back and say, “You’ve got my vote in November?”

Meyers then talked about right-wingers’ attacks on Transgender Day of Visibility, which happened to coincide with Easter this year—a fact that greatly upset conservatives like House Speaker Mike Johnson. 

MEYERS: We should have a more respectful Easter proclamation that puts the emphasis where it’s deserved: Evil Fani Willis, sick Jack Smith, and the corrupt judges and prosecutors who despise America.

After making fun of Lee Greenwood, whose $60 Bible Trump is now hawking, for pretending that price tag is justified by the inclusion of the  Constitution and the Bill of Rights, Meyers addressed the plummeting stock of Trump’s social media company, Truth Social.

MEYERS: What a shock that the stock price of a company with no profits or success of any kind is falling. The way things are going. Trump is going to have to start selling a deluxe Bible with a dictionary attached. [In Trump voice] “We love the disciples John, Matthew, Miriam and Webster.”

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