Sen. John Fetterman Helps The Media With Some Questions For Trump

Sen. John Fetterman, who has put up with a similar media frenzy to what Joe Biden is going through now, questioning whether he was fit to serve in the Senate, offered some helpful suggestions for the media with some questions they should start asking Trump.

Gotta’ love this follow up:

Fetterman also did not hold back during an interview on MSNBC this weekend, where he took a shot at his fellow Democrats who have been panicking since the debate between Biden and Trump:

Democratic Sen. John Fetterman of Pennsylvania, who won election despite a shaky debate performance hampered by a stroke, is sticking by President Joe Biden.

As nervous Democrats and Never Trumpers call for Biden to leave the presidential race against Donald Trump because of his own debate debacle, Fetterman has emerged as a vocal and — at 6-foot-5 and 270 pounds — imposing Biden bodyguard.

After Biden’s interview with ABC on Friday night, Fetterman appeared on MSNBC to scold Democrats who want to “panic and piss our pants.”

Americans who have thrown away presidential votes away in protest were blamed by Fetterman for George W. Bush, Trump, an extremist Supreme Court that took away reproductive rights and granted Trump criminal immunity, among other radical rulings, and the threat that Trump could win a second term.


Fetterman didn’t mince words about hand-wringing Democrats.“My money’s on the guy that kicked [Trump’s] ass in 2020, and and now I want to be clear that it’s going to be close. It’s always going to be close. It was close in 2016. It was close in 2020 and ‘24 it’s going to be close in 2024,” he said.

“Donald Trump is back, and what do Democrats do? We panic and piss our pants. After a bad debate and after 34 convictions — felonies — the Republicans show up and they dress like him and go all in on Trump.

“Maybe we could learn something here and just say, ‘Stand by our president through this.’ After 50 years [of pubic service by Biden], and after almost four years as a great president, I think he’s entitled to make his case after a debate that we can all agree was rough. But I know what that’s like. I am not the sum total of a bad debate, and certainly the President isn’t either,” he added.

Fetterman rightfully whacked his fellow Senator Mark Warner who has been pushing Biden to get out of the race, and told him “If you want to betray the president, like that, you’re entitled to your opinion, but enjoy your three minutes of fame.”

It would be nice to see a lot more Democrats with Fetterman’s spine. If Biden chooses to get out of the race, that’s one thing, but he’s done a fantastic job as president and he’s perfectly capable of continuing to do that job. If he’s not capable of doing the job sometime during his second term, we’ve got a very capable Vice President ready to step up and take his place and continue his legacy.

The voters chose Biden and Harris knowing full well how old he is and that it’s possible he has some health problems before his second term is over, and they didn’t care. They voted for him anyway, and I include myself in that group.

He’s been one of the best presidents, if not the very best during my lifetime. Good for Fetterman for standing up for him, and standing up to the feeding frenzy we’ve seen from our corporate media this past week or so.

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