Rudy Giuliani Sued By His Lawyers For $1.4M In Unpaid Legal Fees

It’s no secret that former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani, a staunch Trump ally, has financial problems. He put his apartment up for sale that he’s owned since 2002. Everything Trump touches dies. There really is something to that. And now he owes nearly $1.4 million to his attorneys in unpaid fees.

ABC11 reports:

Rudy Giuliani owes nearly $1.4 million to the law firm that defended him during numerous criminal, civil, and Congressional investigations, the firm, Davidoff Butcher & Citron LLP, said in a new lawsuit filed Monday in New York.

Giuliani has paid $214,000 to the firm since November 2019, when he retained Robert Costello, a partner at the firm, the lawsuit said.

Costello represented Giuliani during criminal investigations in New York, Georgia, and Washington, the House Jan. 6 investigation, 10 civil lawsuits in various state and federal courts, and disciplinary proceedings involving Giuliani’s law license.

“In breach of the Retainer Agreement, Defendant failed to pay Plaintiffs the balance of $1,360,196.10 of the total amount owed, although duly demanded,” the lawsuit said. Giuliani made a payment to the firm last month in the amount of $10,000.

The lawsuit marks a stunning turn in the relationship between Giuliani and Costello, which dates back around 40 years when Giuliani was U.S. District Attorney in Manhattan and Costello was one of his deputies.

Giuliani responded to the suit, claiming the amount was excessive.

In response to the lawsuit, Giuliani said the dollar amount sought was excessive.

“I can’t express how personally hurt I am by what Bob Costello has done,” Giuliani said in a statement. “It’s a real shame when lawyers do things like this, and all I will say is that their bill is way in excess to anything approaching legitimate fees.”

Was it worth it, Rudy?

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