Rudy Defames Shaye Moss And Ruby Freeman AGAIN

Rudy Giuliani has defamed Georgia election workers Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss again, even though a jury hasn’t even determined the amount of money from his defamation case yet. He’s doing it again while talking to Carl Higbie while discussing attorneys for Trump.

“How look, let’s say- I and Professor Dershowitz and a few other people were the leading first candidates for this, but there are an untold number of Bar Association proceedings. These are funded very, very amply,” Giuliani said.

“These are not funded like, for example, the case brought by those two women in Atlanta that threw people out and counted the ballots in private in violation of Georgia law,” he added.

That never happened.

Politico reports:

Giuliani spent weeks accusing Freeman and Moss of manipulating ballots during Georgia’s vote-counting process after the 2020 election, despite repeated investigations that debunked and discredited the allegations.

The harassment that Freeman and Moss endured as a result of these conspiracy theories is at the heart of some of the criminal charges now facing several of Trump’s co-defendants in the Georgia racketeering case brought by Fulton County prosecutors.

Giuliani is charged in that case, in part, for making false statements to Georgia legislators related to his attacks on Freeman and Moss. He’s also facing charges for his role as Trump’s attorney in the aftermath of the 2020 election, leading a campaign to sow doubt about the election results and amplify baseless claims of fraud to bolster Trump’s courtroom efforts to overturn the results.

Does he realize that Nixon’s attorney went to prison? Ladies, come and get some more of Rudy’s money. He doesn’t seem to want it.

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