Rubio Pretends Trump Isn't All In With Project 2025's Agenda

We’ve already seen Stephen Miller and Trump ridiculously try to distance themselves from The Heritage Foundation’s Project 2025, and this Sunday on CNN, potential VP candidate Marco Rubio took his turn with this word salad.

Rubio was asked about remarks by Heritage Foundation chief Kevin Roberts talking about his “bloodless revolution” by host Dana Bash, and Rubio responded by playing the “both sides” game and probably making the exact opposite point than the one he was attempting to make, while pretending Trump doesn’t have every intention of enacting the policies laid out by Project 2025.

BASH: Speaking of what a Donald Trump next White House would do there is a conservative effort, it’s called Project 2025, and it includes several former Trump administration officials they are arguing and they have in their platform if you will, to purge thousands of civilian, excuse me purge thousands of civil servants from federal agencies vastly expand the power of the presidency.

And I want you to listen to what one of the leaders of project 2025 said this week.

ROBERTS: We are in the process of the second American revolution which will remain bloodless if the left allows it to be.

BASH: Are you comfortable with that?

RUBIO: Well he’s not running for president is he? I mean our candidate is Donald Trump. I didn’t see Donald Trump say that. Donald Trump’s running on common sense, on restoring common sense versus the lunacy of the last four years, and the far left, and the shadow government that now is running our country, with Joe Biden as its figurehead.

That’s what he’s running against. I mean, think tanks do think tank stuff. They come up with ideas. They say things. Look I like Heritage Foundation. I agree with some of the things they stand for, but there’s a bunch of scholars and people that turn around and work on different projects.

But our candidate for president is Donald Trump, and Donald Trump is running on restoring common sense working class values and making our decisions on the basis of that, not an ideological lunacy, which is what we’ve seen over the last four years under Joe Biden.

BASH: Is that what Project 2025 is? Is it ideological lunacy?

RUBIO: No I think it’s the work of a think tank, of a center right think tank, and that’s what think tanks do. I can assure you I don’t have them with me today, but I’ve seen plenty of write-ups frankly, not just from left-wing think tanks, but from columnists and others who are opinion writers who have actually come up crazy ideas that are now the policies of the United States under Joe Biden.

Things like, I don’t know, letting people into our country and releasing them because There’s no danger now. We see that there is danger. Things like attacking American energy, and as a result now, the cost of living for all Americans has gone up. Those are radical ideas that began in the faculty clubs and in the think tanks of the far left that are now the policy and the laws of the United States in 2024.

Bash responded by fact checking Rubio on the numbers at the border, but allowed the rest of his lies and attacks on Democrats to remain unchallenged, before changing the topic to Trump’s VP pick.

Still completely useless as we saw during the debate.

So Rubio wants us to believe that Trump won’t enact The Heritage Foundation’s policies by claiming some made up “left-wing think tanks,” and unnamed so-called “opinion writers” have forced their agendas to be enacted by Democrats. Sure thing pal.

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