Qevin Goes After Biden For Offering Cookies In Oval Office

Does Kevin McCarthy have a job?

Kevin McCarthy weighed in on the important issues of the day this weekend, and noted what he finds “depressing” and it’s pretty weird. McCarthy, who was House Speaker for a minute, explained on Fox News that President Joe Biden offers cookies to guests in the Oval Office, which depresses him. Maybe the New York Times can run a “why that’s bad for Biden” piece on cookie-gate.

“And Biden’s Oval Office, it is the quietest place, no one’s around,” he said. The only thing, there are cookies.”

“He offers you cookies every time you’re in there,” he added. “And he goes and gets them. I mean, it is a depressing moment.”

Hey, Kevin, you know what you should find “depressing?” You don’t have a job, and you were the first House speaker to be removed from the role — and by your colleagues, you cookie-hating amateur. Maybe he’s a hamberder type of guy. Or perhaps he should be depressed that Trump, as it turns out, called Jeffrey Epstein frequently. Or the fact that Lumpy wants to be a dictator and a king. There is a lot for Republicans to be depressed about, but accepting a cookie graciously isn’t one of them. At least it wasn’t until now.

Xitter had thoughts:

You cookie-hating little ratfucker.

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