‘PixelTap’ Tips Guide: How to Earn the Most Coins in the Telegram Game

PixelTap is one of the latest Telegram tap-to-earn games that is blowing up on the messaging service, with millions of players logging in every day in the hope of earning coins that can potentially yield players a share of the upcoming Pixelverse PIXFI token launch.

So far, there have been no official details on airdrops or how tokens will be handed out, but with the team teasing that successful PixelTap players will be getting a share, as well as some regular giveaways through the game, now is the time to start building up your PixelTap bank balance. 

There are quite a few ways of earning currency in PixelTap, and actually playing the battles that the game is based around might not be the most efficient way of doing it. So if you want to know the secret to maximizing your earnings in PixelTap, check out the tips below.

Claim coins regularly

Like most tap-to-earn games, you can get a solid amount of in-game currency by claiming the passive income that builds up even when you’re not actively playing. In this game, tapping isn’t really even needed outside of battles, as you can just wait for passive income to build up. 

But given that your passive earnings cap out after eight hours of inactivity, you will want to make sure that you are checking into PixelTap multiple times a day to maximize your earnings.

Win your battles 

You’ll earn a solid amount of coins in PixelTap just by playing the core combat game, providing you win some of your fights. 

For every battle that you win, you’ll get a reasonable amount of coins thrown your way, with the number increasing based on pet levels. As long as you don’t lose every battle you’re in, this is a fairly simple way of increasing your balance. 

The bad news is that if you lose the fight, you’ll likewise lose coins—so if you can’t tap quickly, then this might not be the strategy for you, and the matchmaking often doesn’t help. On the other hand, you might get better over time, so keep giving it a shot unless it seems hopeless.

Screenshots from PixelTap. Image: Decrypt

Claim daily rewards 

The easiest way to get some extra coins in PixelTap is to claim the daily login reward, which will grant you a small amount of coins—completely free—once a day. 

All you need to do is head to the “Rewards” tab, and at the bottom of that section is the daily reward option. Simply hit the big claim button and some extra coins will be added to your inventory. 

The amount handed out increases for each consecutive day that you log into PixelTap, so to make sure you aren’t sent back to the beginning, it’s important to log in every day and claim the free coins. The rewards path resets after a week of consecutive logins.

Complete tasks 

Completing tasks in PixelTap offers an easy way to boost your in-game bag by engaging with social media and Pixelverse partners, and it can really add up quickly.

In the rewards tab, there is a Tasks menu hidden away at the top of the screen. Heading there will present you with a long list of things to do that will grant free coins, ranging from entering giveaways to following social media accounts.

Simply complete these actions and you will get some extra coins in your account, and the payouts are certainly worth it for newcomers who are just starting out, sometimes handing out millions of in-game coins for tasks that take only a minute or two to complete. It’s an easy way to get ahead.

pixeltap tips2
Screenshots from PixelTap. Image: Decrypt

Daily combo 

If done correctly, entering the daily combo can offer massive rewards every day, so much so that getting the combo right can almost make doing anything else a little pointless if all you want is the biggest coin total in the shortest time possible. 

Every day, you’ll be given a single chance to place four characters in a specific order. If you get all four characters in the correct place, then you’ll win a massive payout of coins—potentially millions of coins or more, based on how much you’ve played and upgraded your robot pets. Even getting one or two wrong still yields rewards.

We have a dedicated guide to making the most of the PixelTap daily combo, so head there for more on how it all works. But the long and short of it is that the easiest way to find the new daily combo is typically by searching Twitter (aka X) or other social media platforms.

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