Pillow Salesman Mike Lindell Applies For Job At RNC

Pillow salesman Mike Lindell has been making noises about taking over as chair of the Republican National Committee, but now he’s clarified that he is willing to do so if Trump asks him. Bannon referred to Trump as “President,” and since we’re explaining things, that’s *former President Donald Trump, kthx. Trump has abused his use of that title long enough.

Lindell has been claiming for a while now to have gone broke after spending an unknown fortune on attorneys to back his ridiculous claims of massive voter fraud that didn’t take place in the 2020 election.

I guess he wants to lose more money.

“Would you step forward?” Steve Bannon asked Lindell on his podcast. “Would you volunteer to take over the RNC if the president so asked you?”

“A hundred percent I would,” Lindell said. “Then I would have all the tools I need to secure these elections immediately. We’ve already got everything in place.”

“We just need resources and their blessing behind us,” he added. “Absolutely.”

Resources, eh? It couldn’t be that he realizes how broke he is and needs another job quickly. How would the wanted ad look like:

Wanted, young man single and free
Experience in love preferred
But will accept a young trainee

That went really wrong. My mind did a detour. I’m sorry. OK, let’s see if you guys can come up with something better, ya’ bunch of show-offs.

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