Pete Buttigieg Attack Leaves GOP Speechless

Democrats have been angry lately and rightly so.

A criminal, rapist & insurrectionist former Republican President is running again with the media & courts–including judges he appointed–doing their best to give him an assist. The latter, with its immunity decision, may have just ended American democracy. And, of course, the majority of Republicans have increasingly become lying, cheating, faux-tough-guy, anti-science, bullying dicks with each election cycle.

So we’re seeing MANY frustrated Democrats. And thankfully, embraced a culture of hitting back. Case in point, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. Some dingus GOP Congress members thought they’d ambush him at an electric vehicle hearing (were there batteries and sharks!?), I guess because they were each the smartest kid at the local Nathan Bedford Forrest high school before dropping out in 9h grade.

Buttigieg is smart as a whip, quick as hell with facts & wit and knows so much more than they do. Needless to say, It DID NOT go well for them (it was amusing how easily he rhetorically drop-kicked them each). Which is also to say, it did go well for Buttigieg and America. Check it out, and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to Cliff Schecter’s Youtube channel for more of these videos!

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