Nikki Haley Gets Pwned By A 9-Year-Old In New Hampshire

Nikki Haley, the unserious GOP candidate who desperately wants to be taken seriously, had a minor slip-up when she was upended by a 9-year-old girl in New Hampshire. Unlike DeSantis, Tim Scott, and Mike Pence who all ran or are running out of money, Nikki Haley still has millions to burn, as evidenced by giving away campaign swag at events to try and convince everyone she’s a legitimate contender instead of down 30 points to the guy who wants to destroy American democracy.

Source: Daily Dot

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley took questions at a campaign stop in Hooksett, New Hampshire today, about two months away from the primary election there in January next year. One of the questions came from a young girl in the crowd who was wearing a Nikki Haley hat, and Haley seemed happy to see such a young supporter.

While former President Donald Trump remains dominant in the polls for the primary contest, Haley has been polling in second place at 18 percent in New Hampshire, where her campaign hopes to break through.

Haley is still down almost 30 points compared to Trump though, who’s polling at 46 percent, so seeing somebody sporting a supportive cap shouldn’t have been anything but a good sign for her in Hooksett.

“I love your hat,” Haley said to the girl.

“Thank you,” the girl replied, pausing for a beat.

“One of your guys gave it to me for free.”


Team Biden chuckled.

As did others.

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