Mike Johnson's Christian Nationalist Views Are Alarming

House Speaker Mike Johnson’s Christian Nationalist views are alarming, and Americans need to understand more about the Republican leader who is second in the line of succession after Vice President Harris. Speaker Johnson’s beliefs are far outside the mainstream, and he believes that a  “depraved” America deserves God’s wrath. The Louisiana congressman’s beliefs are radical, even by today’s MAGA party standards. Here are a few examples of Johnson’s world view:

Johnson thinks the American school shooting crisis is due to the sexual revolution and teaching evolution in schools.

To say Johnson is anti-LGBTQ is an understatement. The House Speaker says same-sex marriage is a “dark harbinger of chaos,” leading people to marry their pets, per NBC News.

In addition, Johnson is an election denier. The Speaker supported Donald Trump’s actions to overturn the 2020 election. According to The New York Times, Johnson played a “leading role” in the Republican Party’s efforts to stop the certification of Biden’s election in 2020. The Speaker also supports utilizing congressional hearings to defend Donald Trump.

Johnson Compares Himself to Moses

During a December 2023 speech, House Speaker Mike Johnson compared himself to Moses and said his election to House speaker was part of “God’s plan.”

According to The New Republic, Johnson was the keynote speaker at the National Association of Christian Lawmakers’ yearly event and received a “Patriot” award. The outlet reported that the NACL is a Christian nationalist organization that says its goal is to make United States laws align with the “biblical worldview.”

Johnson is a Member of Multiple Radical Groups

Journalist Jenny Cohn, who covers the Christian Nationalist movement, wrote multiple stories about the GOP leader. Speaker Johnson was a member of the Council for National Policy, an extremist organization that supports groups such as Moms for Liberty. According to Cohn, Johnson is helping extreme GOP organizations “conquer the “government mountain.”

Finally, Johnson aligns with the Extremist Christian group, the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). Outside his office, the Speaker displays the NAR’s key symbol, the “Appeal to Heaven” Christian nationalist flag, per Rolling Stone. reported the New Apostolic Reformation embodied the theology of the radical “Seven Mountain Mandate,” per Rolling Stone. The outlet reported that the Seven Mountains Mandate is a “prophecy that divides society into seven arenas — religion, family, government, education, arts and entertainment, media, and business. The Seven Mountain Mandate calls for Christians to “take dominion” and “conquer” the seven segments of American life so that “Christian influence flows down into the rest of society.”

Johnson claims the GOP needs to control the U.S. government so they can enact the radical Project 2025 plan. The Christian Nationalist Project 2025 program contains many terrifying programs, including a national abortion ban. Johnson believes America is “facing very serious threats” unless Republicans gain power over the American people. Watch the video below.

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