Maybe Fox's Jesse Watters Needs A Cognitive Test

The claws were out for President Biden following a report released by a special counsel over whether Biden should be prosecuted for mishandling classified documents, that actually ended up implicating Trump instead.

Despite the fact that the report ultimately cleared Biden and was damaging for Trump, Robert Hur, who was a Trump holdover and a Republican, managed to work in a whole host of ageism with his supposed reasoning for not prosecuting the President:

Special counsel Robert Hur announced that the Department of Justice would not be pressing charges against President Joe Biden for retaining classified documents after his vice presidency ― but the conservative jurist got in a few digs on Biden’s mental acuity and age in the process.

In a report completed on Monday, but released to the public on Thursday, Hur, a former U.S. attorney appointed by Donald Trump, cited Biden’s “significantly limited” memory in his explanation of why he was not indicting the 81-year-old president.

“Mr. Biden’s memory was significantly limited, both during his recorded interviews with the ghostwriter in 2017, and in his interview with our office in 2023,” Hur wrote. “And his cooperation with our investigation, including by reporting to the government that the Afghanistan documents were in his Delaware garage, will likely convince some jurors that he made an innocent mistake, rather than acting willfully-that is, with intent to break the law-as the statute requires.”

Hur also said that Biden’s advanced age ― at a trial that would not take place for years ― would make him more sympathetic to a potential jury, dimming the chances of a conviction.

And, as Marcy Wheeler noted on Xitter, there were also other problems with his report:

But all the media wanted to focus on were the attacks on Biden’s memory. Hur’s remarks literally had the press corps in a feeding frenzy, screaming at Biden for over 15 minutes, and Biden, despite that fact and hostile environment, managed to get in a zinger on Fox’s Peter Doocy right out of the gate:

President Joe Biden took a jab at Fox journalist Peter Doocy during heated remarks Thursday.

“How bad is your memory and can you continue as president?” Doocy asked Biden Thursday.

“My memory is so bad that I let you speak,” Biden responded.

Which brings us to Fox’s Jesse Watters, who was ready to add to the pile on, and called South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem the “Governor Of South Carolina” immediately following him criticizing President Biden for problems with his memory, which was flagged by the Biden team on Xitter:

If Watters really believes forgetting someone’s name or a date puts you in the category where you’re senile, maybe he should have a word with his buddy Trump first, whose weekly gaffes are a whole lot worse than anything from Biden, but the press refuses to report or focus on it.

And if he can’t keep the state straight from the person he’s about to interview right after calling Biden senile, maybe he should just STFU and go crawl back into that hole Bill O’Reilly pulled him out of.

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