Marjorie Taylor Greene Realizes EVERYONE–Including MAGA–HATES HER


It seems we’ve reached the Robespierre phase of the Republican Revolution, where one week you’re a patriot, the next your head’s on the chopping block. Say hi to the guillotine, Marge (just don’t try to spell it).

Republicans have nothing to run on, as even they’ve said. Their fearful leader is stuck in a courtroom raging, sleeping and farting. They’re in the midst of too many internal wars to list, from Mitch McConnell v. Rick Scott to Chip Roy v. Matt Gaetz and many, MANY more.

But one thing uniting everyone: MAGA hates Marge. Her latest stunt, a motion to vacate in an attempt to depose Speaker Mike Johnson, because he (eventually) supported funding Ukraine, has even the dumbest MAGA mook realizing it’s a trip to Kristi Noem’s gravel pit for their majority.

There are individuals and outlets you very much wouldn’t expect viciously ripping Marge. And I gotta tell ya, it’s lotsa fun to watch. So check out my newest video on MAGA hate for Marge. And subscribe to my YouTube channel, “Cliff’s Edge,” for more videos like this!

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