MAGA Cultists Give Trial Run To Election Interference

On Tuesday, Wisconsin held a special election Democratic primary to fill a seat in the state senate. The winner of the primary will go on to become the state senator, at least until the end of the year because no Republicans are running for the seat.

However, even though it was a Republican-free primary election, that didn’t stop the MAGA cultists and election deniers from doing a trial run for their plans for November’s election. These whack jobs came from all over the state to converge on this one district to interfere with the primary. These so called “election observers” were causing numerous disruptions and impeding with the election processing with their frivolous challenges and objections, including trying to get on ballot invalidated because they saw a scratch on the ballot:

Election observers showed up at several polling locations in the Milwaukee area Tuesday, and two of them were removed by police in Glendale for being disruptive while objecting to absentee ballots, Glendale Mayor Bryan Kennedy said.

Glendale Police removed two observers at separate city polling sites for getting confrontational with poll workers, Kennedy said, but the rest were allowed to stay at polling locations in Glendale, Shorewood and the City of Milwaukee.

The groups of observers declined to be interviewed by the Journal Sentinel, but Kennedy said they challenged absentee ballots in the city for a variety of reasons, including noticing a scratch on the ballot.

Most of the observers challenging the ballots were from outside of Milwaukee County and registered as either as a “concerned citizen,” with the Republican Party or an associated group, according to election observer logs at each of the locations.

Furthermore, these some of these reprobates shouldn’t even be allowed to vote much less “observe” an election, giving their past behaviors and criminal activities:

Among those on the logs included Harry Wait, a Racine County resident who was charged in 2022 for fraudulently requesting absentee ballots to prove fraud existed.

Also on the logs was Peter Bernegger, a New London resident who has engaged in relentless legal efforts to prove fraud in the 2020 election. In 2023, Wisconsin Capitol Police served him a warning to cease ‘stalking behavior’ toward Wisconsin Elections Commission administrator Meagan Wolfe and commission staff. In 2009, Bernegger was sent to federal prison after he was convicted of mail fraud and bank fraud.

Believe it or not, there is still more. There’s always more.

While the Wisconsin Republican Party has distanced themselves from any of these election observer/interferers, denying that they had anything to do with it, it should be noted that one of the people who had to be escorted out, Maureen Reisner, is a member of the Republican Party of Racine County board.

So, while these MAGA cultists are evil fascists, at least they’re as dumb as a box of rocks.

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