Lindsay Lohan Received Ann-Margret’s Blessing to Play Her in a Biopic

Lindsay Lohan is adding one more film to her list of upcoming projects.

Lohan, 37, has received Ann-Margret’s blessing to play her in a biopic, a source exclusively reveals in the latest issue of Us Weekly, noting that the duo will be spending time together in preparation for the upcoming film.

Lohan first revealed that she was interested in portraying the Swedish actress, 83, in April, telling Bustle she was searching for the “right writer” for the movie. “She’s a triple threat, and she’s an amazing woman on top of that,” she explained to the outlet. “So I just really want to do her justice and help tell a great story for her.”

Lohan, the insider tells Us, “feels she’s the only one who can play the part” of the iconic redhead. The source adds that the Mean Girls star “wants to win an Oscar and an Emmy” as she continues her Lohanissance resurgence and hopes the biopic can “take her career to the next level.”

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After years out of the spotlight, Lohan has made a major acting comeback in recent years with films like Falling for Christmas and Irish Wish, which are part of her creative partnership with Netflix. Her third movie for the streaming service, Our Little Secret, is due later this year and follows two resentful exes who are forced to spend Christmas under the same roof after discovering that their current partners are siblings.

Lindsay Lohan Received Ann Margrets Blessing to Play Her in an Upcoming Biopic

Lindsay Lohan, Ann Margret
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Lohan also made a cameo in the 2024 movie musical adaptation of Mean Girls. The sequel to her 2003 hit Freaky Friday with Jamie Lee Curtis, meanwhile, has received a green light, with a second source telling Us that production on the film is set to start in a couple of weeks in L.A. The insider notes that Lohan “and the fans are so excited are the second installment.”

After years of rumors around a follow-up film, Lohan confirmed during a March appearance on Sirius XM’s Radio Andy that the much-anticipated sequel was happening but played coy about sharing any details. “I don’t want to say too much,” she teased. “But we’re both excited. I’m going to speak for Jamie.”

Later that month, Variety reported that Nisha Ganatra — known for her work on comedies like The High Note and Late Night — would take the reins from OG director Mark Waters, with Jordan Weiss writing the script. A casting call shared by Ganatra later revealed some plot details, with Lohan’s Anna as a mom to her own snarky 14-year-old daughter, Harper.

“Harper is in a bit of a mood these days because her longtime single mom is set to marry British restaurateur Eric Davies,” the description read. “If that wasn’t bad enough, Eric comes with his own 14-year-old daughter, sharp-tongued Lily. Harper and Lily do not see eye to eye. Harper would like to see things go her way and use her intelligence to stop this marriage from ever happening.”

That means Freaky Friday 2 will see Anna and her mom, Tess (Curtis), switch bodies — but not with each other. Instead, they will both swap places with teenage girls Harper and Lily. “Harper should channel ‘Anna’ (Lindsay Lohan) and Lily should channel ‘Tess’ (Jamie Lee Curtis),” the audition slides read, per Entertainment Weekly.

Lindsay Lohan Received Ann Margrets Blessing to Play Her in an Upcoming Biopic

Irish Wish, Lindsay Lohan as Maddie Kelly.
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In addition to her growing work schedule, Lohan is thriving as she balances new motherhood after welcoming son Luai with husband Bader Shammas in July 2023. And although Lohan hopes to expand her brood in “the next year or two,” acting remains a priority.

“Lindsay’s in the best place of her life and career,” a third insider told Us in March. “She’s never been healthier physically and mentally.”

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As for how her husband feels about her diving back into her career, Lohan told Bustle that Shammas is her biggest cheerleader.

“He will support me because I’m in it. You know what I mean?” she told the outlet in April. “He’s very intuitive and has a very good understanding of how things are going to work out in the end. He can kind of foresee things. So I like getting his advice on everything and having him be a part of it. I just feel safer.”

For more on Lohan’s latest project, watch the video above and pick up the new issue of Us Weekly, on stands now.

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