Lee Greenwood Turns The Bible Into A Right Wing Political Manifesto

Nashville country music star Lee Greenwood hawked his controversial Bible Sunday morning on Newsmax, whining that he and Trump are taking heat for it.

Greenwood’s “Bible” is so immoral and toxic that he lost Harper Collins, who were to originally publish it. The current desecration is still shrouded in mystery since the publisher is not known at this time, but Greenwood defended it on Easter Sunday.

“I have to mention the fact that people have gotten on us and Donald Trump about the God Bless USA Bible,” Greenwood said. “I have here right in front of me, and this one is signed by the former president Donald Trump.”

(The holy book to millions of people just took a back seat to Traitor Trump.)

Channeling Diminished Donald’s penchant for selling anything under his name, Greenwood continued, “It’s a beautiful book, and you can get it at xxxxxx– greenwood.com.”

Not satisfied with his pitch Greenwood went for the hard sell.

“See how beautiful this Bible is. Check that out. It’s leather,” he said.

(Corinthian leather?) Not to be outdone by Trump, Greenwood’s Bible pitch is highly political. Its goal is to support the fringe religious right’s that America was formed as a Christian nation.

“It has documents of the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and thenhandwritten lyrics of God Bless the USA, along with the Pledge of Allegiance.”

Greenwood is now comparing the lyrics of his song to those of the Sermon on the Mount.

Now comes the excuses.

The Newsmax host sat mute.

“The reason we have this Bible is to make sure more people have it accessible,” Greenwood claimed, as if people can’t read the Bible for free online or shell out a couple of bucks to pick one up on Amazon. Heck, the Gideons have one in every hotel room!

Greenwood and Trump deserve each other. They’re both delusional egomaniacs who worship the Christian nationalist idea of power and glory to them.

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