Katie Porter Spanks MAGA Over 'Dishwashing Bill'

House Republicans were made to look like fools by Rep. Katie Porter when in two minutes she exposed ludicrous Republicans trying to rollback efficiency standards when it comes to dishwashers and refrigerators.

Republicans should know by now not to mess with Porter, but being knuckledraggers is all the MAGAts do in the House.

Representative Duncan, I’d like to know if you know what the average utility cost is a month to run a dishwasher.

Nope, he doesn’t know.

Katie does: “Two to four dollars a month.”

In other words, about a third of a Frappuccino.

Two to four dollars a month.

Porter persisted: “Mr. Duncan, do you know about how much a dishwasher costs, Representative Duncan? Like a mid-range dishwasher?”

Nope he doesn’t know.

About $800, $900.

Do you want to get fancier, like $1,000?

Porter again: “Representative Duncan, do you know the best ways, the most important things you can do to make your dishwasher get the dishes clean?”

Nope, not a dishwasher expert.

“Loading it correctly,” she answered for him.

Mr. Chair, do you know how long it takes to load a dish, what the most important technique is to load a dishwasher correctly?

It is loading it correctly.

Well, I’m asking, because what I haven’t heard, I’ve heard a lot about the Biden border, the so-called border crisis, what I haven’t heard about is anything about dishwashers.

So as somebody who saved and scrimped and was so proud to get a new dishwasher and can tell you a lot about them, what they cost, what kinds of features they have, how to load it properly, which I wish every person, every man and child in America would listen to their wife – Gentlewoman, another two minutes.

Would listen to their spouse about how to load the dishwasher correctly.

Those are the most important things that make your dishes get clean.

This bill is ridiculous.

It is Congress at its worst.

A bunch of people who haven’t unloaded a dishwasher ever, telling the American people what legislation, what they kind of dishwashers they should or should not be able to buy.

On behalf of every American woman who’s going to load and unload tonight and again tomorrow morning, I yield back.

Republicans do nothing for the American people except scream about microwaves, ovens and dishwashers while trying to appease the cockwobbler. This could possibly be the most absurd bill the Republican House has ever tried to foist on Americans.

Here’s how stupid it is. President Biden issued a statement yesterday about it. Check out the names of these bills:

H.R. 7637 – Refrigerator Freedom Act
(Rep. Miller-Meeks, R-IA)
H.R. 7700 – Stop Unaffordable Dishwasher Standards Act
(Rep. Langworthy, R-NY, and 4 cosponsors)
The Administration is advancing commonsense appliance energy efficiency standards that lower costs for American families and businesses and provide consumer choice and prevent waste of electricity and natural gas and strengthen the nation’s energy security. The Administration strongly opposes H.R. 7637 and H.R. 7700, which would undermine this effort.

Under the 1975 Energy Policy and Conservation Act, the Department of Energy (DOE) regularly updates energy efficiency standards for appliances. These standards have already saved consumers an estimated $1 trillion on utility bills through 2020, with an average household currently saving $321 each year on bills as a result. This Administration is working to issue updated standards that could deliver an additional $1 trillion in savings over 30 years.

These bills target energy efficiency standards recently issued by DOE for refrigerators, and dishwashers, reflecting joint recommendations from home appliance manufacturers and a wide range of other stakeholders. Home appliance manufacturers have already made investments to make products that meet these standards that will lower costs for Americans and operate with lower energy use. These bills add vague, red-herring provisions to the law that would add uncertainty to the implementation of these standards and create unnecessary hurdles for DOE in making future updates. For these reasons, the Administration strongly opposes these bills.

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