Joe Brandon Ruined Easter!

Brent Terhune, the master of satire, is not holding back today. Not after Joe Brandon went ahead and just ruined Easter for all of us good Christians! All that food gone to waste! Hell, he even took a bath last night so he would be ready to go to church this morning, dammit! And while we’re at it, to hell with Bunsen burners, daylight savings time and all them citrus fruits! But even though International Potato Day is also today, they’re cool. They make French fries and vodka, so we’ll keep them around for a while longer. But if Mr. Potato Head ever starts looking like Mrs. Potato Head, all bets are off!

PS: If you’re mad as hell like Brent, send all your chocolate bunnies and other candies to me. I’ll make sure they get a good home.

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