Jimmy Burgess: 7 four-letter words that aren’t so naughty

When you think of four-letter words does your mind immediately go to something that would see you in timeout?

Well, top US agent and coach Jimmy Burgess is able to change all of that with his list of not-so-naughty four-letter words you need to know for real estate success.

Check them out:

Call: Jimmy says you should pick up the phone and have conversations with people more often. Building relationships is crucial in the real estate business, and calling potential clients creates more opportunities for contracts. Set goals for daily calls, identify who to call, determine the purpose of each call, and focus on adding value during the conversations.

Host: Open houses provide an opportunity to meet and connect with potential buyers and sellers. Jimmy says you should establish a schedule for hosting open houses, be purposeful in your approach, and use opens to build relationships with attendees.

Post: Don’t shy away from social media. Beyond simply posting content, Jimmy recommends you deepen connections with your network by engaging with other people’s posts, especially those of past clients, sphere of influence, and potential clients. Consistent and valuable posting on social media helps you stay top of mind and can lead to new opportunities.

Farm: Focus on geographical farming. Jimmy says by consistently adding value to a specific area, you can establish yourself as an expert in a particular suburb or suburbs. This helps you become the go-to choice when homeowners in that area think of listing their homes. 

List: Jimmy says you should actively pursue listings, circle prospect around recent sales in an area, and maintain communication with past buyers to gauge their satisfaction and potential interest in selling. By focusing on listings, you can grow your business effectively.

Show: Whether it’s an in-person, physical walk-through or a video tour, Jimmy says you should add value for your clients during the showings. This is a way to differentiate yourself and attract more buyers to your business. Purposefully schedule appointments to show properties to their most promising buyers.

Work: Jimmy stresses that you must embrace hard work and take action. Working diligently is essential for success in real estate. Jimmy recommends developing a strong work ethic, being proactive in your daily activities, such as hosting more opens that other agents, and consistently trying to grow your business. 

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