Jesse Watters Very Upset Joe Biden Is A Good Father To Hunter

Remember when conservatives told us they were the party of family values? I know this will shock you, but they lied. A couple of Hunter Biden’s family members have rallied around him while he faces court proceedings. That’s what families do. First, Fox News’s Jesse Watters took issue with a Black friend of President Joe Biden’s showing up to court to show his support. Richard “Mouse” Smith has known Joe Biden since he was 14.

Watters went as far as suggesting that none of the Trumps were ever drug addicts. I beg to differ. If anyone cared about Don Jr., they would get him the help he direly needs. Hunter Biden overcame addiction. Both men prove that the disease of addiction isn’t prejudice. A family can be Black or white, rich or poor, atheist or Catholic, and addiction won’t skip over you. Everyone is affected by addiction in some form.

Now, back to that asshole Jesse Watters.

“I just hate how the media talks about the Biden family the way they talk about the Trump family,” Watters said. “They keep talking about the way that the father has love for Hunter and has this beautiful, special relationship. He’s a crackhead, he pays for prostitutes, he squirrels out of alimony, squirrels out of child support, the guy is a wretched, wretched human being.”

Note: Hunter overcame addiction. He’s a former crackhead, you wanker. And yeah, we all do shitty things when we are addicts. Thanks for the breaking news.

“And the Trump kids don’t do drugs, they don’t even smoke cigarettes,” Watters falsely said. “They’re a part of the family company; they have beautiful families. And they talk about Eric and Don like they’re scoundrels, like Trump doesn’t even like his own sons. It’s ridiculous. When you raise a son, you are responsible for that son. It’s not like raising a daughter, it’s different.”

“Every father of a son knows what I’m talking about,” he added. “You have to mold this child into a man. And that comes with responsibility, discipline, morality. And you have responsibility to send this son into the world as a responsible civilian. Joe Biden didn’t do that.”

That’s cute, hon, but all of the Trumps, with the exception of Barron, are morally bankrupt, including Melania. As for being a “responsible citizen,” Felon 45 might end up in prison but do go off on Hunter’s former drug addiction.

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