Jesse Watters Attacks Black Jurors Serving On Hunter Biden Trial

Fox News host Jesse Watters claimed Black jurors on the Hunter Biden trial case will engage in jury nullification and violate their oath of office to acquit Hunter Biden.

Conspiracy theories and racism rules on Fox News.

JESSE WATTERS: This might seem like an open-and-shut case, but Jonathan Turley points out that Hunter’s legal team might have an ace up their sleeve.

It’s called jury nullification.

It’s when you pick a jury that will give you a not guilty verdict. They know you’re guilty, but they just disagree with the law.

The strategy plays on the racial makeup of the jury, which is mostly black, as well as the Biden’s influence in Delaware.

The hope is this jury won’t convict for a drug-related crime.

Jonathan Turley apparently doesn’t believe in an alleged criminal pleading “not guilty.” In Hunter’s case, there must be a conspiracy a foot.

WATTERS: Everybody in Delaware knows the Bidens. It’s why Jill and Ashley are sitting front row.

This is in stark contrast with Trump’s family not showing up for his trial. Why wouldn’t any parent show up for a trial? Also, Trump grew up in New York and everyone knows him there. WTF does that prove?

WATTERS: But that’s not all. The Biden family brought Mouse to court. Mouse is a Delaware legend. Joe Biden was the best man at his wedding. Mouse runs Delaware’s NAACP and has been involved in the community for decades. They want every black juror to see Mouse sitting with the Bidens. If you can get the jury on your side, all of a sudden, this case is not a slam dunk.

Richard “Mouse” Smith has known Joe Biden since he was 14 years old. But any Black friend that shows up Hunter’s trial is not worthy.

Watters then had a jury consultant on to help him rip apart any juror that either knew someone or had someone in their family touched by drug addiction.

WATTERS: All right Susan, let’s go through some of these jurors.

Almost all of them seem to have some drug history or family history with drugs. One juror’s childhood best friend died from a heroin overdose. Another juror had an alcoholic brother-in-law.

Brother-in-law is now dead.

One juror’s dad was shot dead and his brother was arrested for narcotics possession.

Another juror pled guilty to a DUI.

And another juror had an older brother addicted to PCP and heroin.

How do you think these jurors

How many families do you know that have not been touched in some way by alcoholism? What a fn creep.

Watters is still reeling from Trump’s thirty-four felony guilty verdicts and needed someone or some group to mock to make himself feel a bit better. “Hunter Biden” is catnip for MAGA.

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