Jeanine Pirro Blames Immigrants For Trump's Inability To Secure Bond

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro somehow blamed immigrants for former President Brokey McBrokeFace’s inability to pay his civil bank fraud fine. Of course, we must never blame Trump for his actions and inaction. That hurts the cults’ feelings, and you know how they get when Trump is held responsible for his crimes.

Trump secured a bond for the $91 million he owes to his rape victim, E Jean Carroll, but 30 companies have declined to secure a $454 million appeal bond in a New York civil business fraud case for Trump.

At least Judge Box O’Wine didn’t blame Hillary or Biden. Yet.

“It’s more than $454 million. It’s 120% of that. That is almost a half a billion dollars in cash,” the noted Fox News mathematician said. “Give me a break.”

“And I’ll tell you why they don’t want to take a risk and give him that money,” she continued. “The reason they don’t want to take a risk and do that is because they — this market, this real estate market in New York is very, very vulnerable. Nobody knows what the valuations are worth any more. New York is now a crime-ridden city. There is crime all over, immigrants all over. They’re about to go bankrupt because of the immigrants in the hotels and all the areas of New York City.”

Note: According to a report, “the NYPD recorded a 25% drop in murders year over year, from 36 to 27; a 24.4% drop in reported rapes, from 135 to 102; a 19.8% drop in burglaries, from 1,328 to 1,065; a 3.8% drop in grand larcenies auto, from 1,224 to 1,178; and a 1.5% drop in felony assaults, from 2,100 to 2,068.”

While transit crime is up, there was a 10.8% drop in shooting incidents throughout the city year over year, with 66 shootings logged last month compared to 74 last January.

Back to Pirro’s lies.

“And there’s another reason,” she continued. “Not only is New York unstable because of the Democrats who have literally destroyed this city, but because of the fact that people in business fear [New York Attorney General] Letitia James. They fear an absolutist authoritarian, totalitarian, ‘I will get him.'”

Pirro went on to call James “trashy” for saying that she looks at Trump’s 40 Wall Street property “each and every day.”

Back to reality.

James can start seizing Lumpy’s assets on Monday. The person complicit in Trump’s predicament is Trump. Meanwhile, Pirro is covering for Trump after he pardoned her tax-evading husband 45 minutes before Joe Biden was sworn in. I’m sure that stupid cow will blame immigrants for that, too.

Which building would y’all like to see seized first? I’m thinking of the Trump Tower in New York City. James can rename it Barack Hussein Obama Tower, and it will serve as housing for the homeless with the bottom floor renovated to use as a prayer room for people of the Muslim faith. Wouldn’t Trump love that?!

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