Jason and Travis Kelce Feel ‘Bad’ Getting Attention Over Teammates at Games

Travis and Jason Kelce Feel Bad Getting Attention When Their NFL Teams Play Against Each Other 286

Jason and Travis Kelce
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Travis and Jason Kelce are always hyped when their teams face off against each other on the field, but would prefer not to have all the attention focused on them.

“I feel bad because it gets played into a lot about us and not so much about our teammates who are also playing in the game,” Jason, 36, said during the Friday, November 17, bonus episode of the brothers’ “New Heights” podcast. “So that’s why from the outside perspective it always feels weird when that is the main part of the headline because there’s so many other guys out there who are also playing.”

While Jason — who is a center for the Philidelphia Eagles — noted that the extra attention can be “a lot sometimes,” he added that the siblings “genuinely love” playing against one another and watching their loved ones come together for the big event.

“I think there’s a lot of familiarity within both organizations,” he continued. “There’s a lot of friends and family that get excited and get to watch one game that both of us are playing in. So all of that means a lot more to us and we get to enjoy that for the entire week.”

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Travis, meanwhile, said that it’s “fun as hell” every time his Kansas City Chiefs go up against the Eagles.

“I enjoy just being in the NFL with you let alone getting to share the field with you,” Travis, who is a tight end for the Chiefs, told his older brother.  “It brings all of our family, all of our friends together to watch one game. Outside of the score at the end, I know all of the family, and I know I definitely have fun throughout every single game that we’ve ever played.”

Jason reminded listeners that the Eagles have never beaten the Chiefs since he and Travis joined their respective teams. The pair made history in February as the first brothers to ever face off in the Super Bowl, with Kansas City ultimately taking home the win 38-25. The next time they play each other will be at Arrowhead Stadium on Monday, November 20, where most of their family will be in attendance.

Travis and Jason Kelce Feel Bad Getting Attention When Their NFL Teams Play Against Each Other 287
Cooper Neill/Getty Images

“I really don’t think about it as a Super Bowl rematch,” Travis said of the upcoming showdown. “I think of this as the Kansas City Chiefs vs the Philadelphia Eagles in 2023. Both teams are different than they were last year, no matter how similar they are, it’s never the same. I think about it like — this doesn’t have much bearing from what happened a year ago. Well, not even a year ago I guess at this point.”

In addition to Jason’s wife, Kylie Kelce, and the brothers’ parents, Donna and Ed Kelce, attending the game, Taylor Swift’s family is also set to make an appearance as they are longtime Eagles fans who hail from Pennsylvania.

Swift, 33, and Travis have been romantically linked since September when the pop star showed up to his game against the Chicago Bears. She has since cheered alongside Donna, 71, and Ed in the family’s private box. Travis, meanwhile, bonded with Taylor’s dad, Scott Swift, while attending the Argentina stop of her Eras Tour earlier this month. (Scott, 71, even donned a Chiefs lanyard for the event.)

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“Taylor and Travis have met each other’s parents so it only makes sense that they’d want their parents to meet as things between them are getting really serious,” a source exclusively told Us Weekly earlier this month. “Taylor and Travis both have a very close bond with their parents and it’s really important that their families blend seamlessly, as well.”

The insider added that Swift, who will be performing in Brazil this weekend, is “trying to manage” a way to Monday’s game, as she wants to be there when the couple’s parents first meet.

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