I’m a Shopping Writer and These Are the Best Deals on Vacuums Today

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It can be tough to find the best upright vacuum deals on Amazon. It’s one of those necessities that aren’t too exciting to buy but which can cause endless frustration if they don’t function correctly. However, we’ve gone beyond just finding models that aren’t complete junk. The vacuums we chose are among the best performing on the market.

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So, save yourself some heartache and get a vacuum that meets your expectations. We’ve listed products at all price points, and you can find both bagged and bagless models below.

10 Best Perfume Deals on Amazon Today

1. Don’t Jump The…: Those looking for a good starter vacuum that’ll last awhile will find this bagless upright more than enough for apartments or small houses – just $180!

2. Nobody Does It Like You: This is another excellent bagless starter vacuum for those who don’t have a ton of space to worry about – just $190!

3. Kick It Old School: This entry-level bagless vacuum lacks fancy accessories and can be a pain to maintain, but you’ll find it performs much better and is more reliable than the equivalent bagless – just $219!

4. Release Your Inner Animal: If you want a bagless upright that’ll last, you have to be prepared to drop some cash, which means this beast of a vacuum is a bit pricier than your typical starter model – just $450!

5. Lightweight is a State of Mind: If you don’t mind maintenance, bagged vacuums are the way to go, and this is an excellent, affordable model to get started with – just $164!

6. It’s Our Bag: You’ll find that this bagged upright is great if you have children due to the built-in magnet that prevents you from sucking potentially damaging metal items up – just $308!

7. Hanging on the Edge: This bagless upright can tackle wet and dry messes and features exceptional edge cleaning that makes vacuuming near walls much easier – just $320!

8. Buy it for Life: If you want to buy a vacuum that’ll outlive you, this industrial-grade bagged upright is built like a tank, and most parts are available so you can replace them yourself – just $885!

9. Cut the Cord: We wouldn’t usually stack a battery-powered vacuum up against the rest of the models on this list, but this might be one of the first cordless models that could completely replace your corded vacuum – just $835!

10. It Gets the Job Done: It’s cheap, but it’ll do until you can afford to upgrade; just don’t expect miracles – just $50!

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