I’m a Shopping Writer and These Are the Best Deals on Portable Chargers Today

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Your phone is your gateway to the world, so you’ll want to check the best portable charger deals on Amazon to keep connected. Fortunately, there’s an incredible amount of power station form factors these days, ranging from credit card-sized to toolbox-sized behemoths and beyond.

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So, if you find your phone is always hovering toward 0% at the end of the day or want to ensure you don’t run into a camping emergency, check out the portable charger deals on Amazon below. We’ve assembled something for everyone, including those looking for a power station that can jump-start their car.

10 Best Portable Charger Deals on Amazon Today

1. Tower of Power: This power stick might be a bit bulky, but it has enough juice to charge your phone multiple times or add some life to your laptop while still fitting inside your purse – just $90!

2. Cheap But Effective: You won’t find a lot of bells and whistles on this portable charger, but it’s affordable enough that you can buy more than one and throw them wherever you may need them – just $18!

3. Stash Them Everywhere: This is another basic model of portable charger that’s cheap enough to buy in bulk and stash everywhere – just $16!

4. Keep Moving: The form factor of this charger lets you plug it directly into the charging port of your phone, allowing you to juice up without a cord – just $18!

5. MagSafe and Simple: You can slap this battery on the back of any MagSafe-compatible iPhone for a hassle-free way to charge your device on the go – just $32!

6. In Case of Emergency: This charger is a bit bulky, but the included solar panels allow you to generate power if you find yourself in a bind – just $47!

7. Watching Out For You: If you’re an Apple Watch user, you’ll want this power bank, which has built-in charging for the device. You can slap it on the side and wait – just $27!

8. Tiny Charger In My Hand: If you want something compact and portable, you can’t get much better than this charger, which is only a bit larger than a credit card – just $21!

9. Feel the Power: You won’t be fitting this power station in your purse, but it’s definitely compact enough to fit inside a vehicle and has enough capacity to charge an average cellphone around 31 times – just $259!

10. Jump Your Phone or Your Car: This relatively compact power station is small enough to fit under your car seat but still packs enough punch to jump-start your car or charge your phone 3-4 times – just $100!

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