Historian Jon Meacham Calls Trump Attempt A 'Coup D’Etat'

Presidential historian Jon Meacham appeared on Morning Joe yesterday, saying what Trump attempted was plainly a coup d’etat. Via Yahoo News:

“You have this whole cast of characters who’ve been indicted now in Fulton County who were attempting – and I use this word very, very advisably, I’m not just popping off here – this was a coup d’etat. This was an attempt to seize power that was not legitimately granted by the electoral processes of the Constitution of the United States. Full stop. That’s what it was.”

[…] “The test for all of us is are we up to obeying the rule of law, even when it goes a way we may not like? It’s a fundamental question,” he said, before pondering the surprising number of Trump followers who are refusing to accept the law.

“A surprisingly large chunk of the country – at least, surprising to me – will follow the now four-times indicted former president to the edge of a cliff and possibly over that cliff. The question is, do enough of those folks believe in the rule of law? Do they believe in the evidence of their own eyes, and let’s just say their own ears because he’s recorded?”

[…] “One of the things we’re gonna learn in the next few months in 2023 is whether the American public is up to the task of being a mature democracy.”

Just want to remind you all: The planning for this happened in plain sight. In his final months in office, Trump was suddenly firing people and replacing them with unqualified loyalists. It wasn’t hard to figure out. But our Librul Media found it unthinkable, and they chose to interpret his actions as normal. So as far as they were concerned, it didn’t really happen.

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