Guy Racing Maserati At 120 MPH Kills His Brother

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Guy Racing Maserati At 120 MPH Kills His Brother

Guy Racing Maserati At 120 MPH Kills His Brother

A Las Vegas man is accused to pushing his Maserati to over 120 mph while racing friends in a Dodge Challenger. During the street race, his brother rolled his Challenger and was killed in the crash. Now the Maserati is facing serious criminal charges.

Old license plates from Iowa are being used by speeders in New York City.

We see this sort of thing all the time: people who street race for fun with friends or relatives in their car. Then they end up crashing and killing the individuals they love, which I just a sad scenario. We guess street racers don’t think about what might happen to passengers in their vehicle as the speeds climb, or what might happen to the people in the other car.

According to a report from KLAS, back on the night of June 24 the brothers and some friends were at a lounge before they all left. That’s when the two drivers apparently decided to see which car was faster. They both ended up blasting down a surface street at high speeds.

The Challenger driver did lose control as he blasted through an intersection, thanks to the suspension compressing to the point the muscle car scraped bottom. That sent the vehicle into a curb, then off the road and spinning until it hit a light pole and a brick wall, rolling multiple times.

Seeing the crash, the Maserati which was trailing slowed down and was able to come to a controlled stop, despite also bottoming out in the same intersection.

As a result, the  Maserati driver has been charged with reckless driving resulting in death and substantial bodily harm.

Public streets aren’t made for racing. There are imperfections on their surfaces which can result in deadly consequences, just like in this accident. This is why street racing is such a dumb idea.

Image via Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department/KLAS

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