Grumpy Trump Cries About Threat Of Jail

Donald Trump complained to the media after Judge Juan Merchan told him he will be put in jail if he continues to break his gag orders.

Trump has no idea what his constitutional rights which is evident if he believes he can spew hatred, and threats against the prosecution, the judge, and jurors during his election interference trial.

As you know, they’ve taken away my constitutional rights, so I’m not allowed to answer that question.

This has never happened in this country before.

It’s a ridiculous thing. It’s a ridiculous case.

I did nothing wrong. Absolutely nothing wrong.

Take a look at Greg Jarrett this morning.

He went on.

Take a look at Andrew McCarthy or Jonathan Turley or Markle didn’t.

It’s like they say there’s no case here, and yet the judge has gagged me, and I’m not allowed to talk about, I guess, his total conflict.

The judge is totally conflicted.

It’s totally conflicted, and you ought to take a look at it.

And I’m not supposed to be talking about it, but I am allowed to say that the judge has a conflict that, like, nobody’s ever had before, and you ought to take a look at it.

He’s taken away my constitutional right to speak.

I was in Miami this weekend, and reporters are asking me questions, the same questions like you’re asking me, and I have to say I have a gag order.

I can’t speak about it.

Never happened before ever, number one.

It’s laughable that Trump cites his legal MAGA flunkies as actual experts that claim this trial is a farce. It’s the same song and dance everyday from Diminished Don.

Trump lied as usual. He can talk about the trial, just not in his authoritarian and dictator-like way.

As much as his MAGA creeps like Charlie Kirk and Steve Bannon want to see Trump put in jail, thinking they can raise more money from their marks, I doubt this germaphobe wants any part of being in a jail cell.

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