Fox News Host Pushes Back On Impeachment: 'Kushner Got $2 Billion From The Saudis'

Fox News host Eric Shawn challenged Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-NY) after he backed an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden and his family.

While speaking to Shawn on Sunday, Van Drew asserted the impeachment inquiry was warranted because Biden family members had allegedly received money from foreign entities.

But Shawn wondered why the same standard did not apply to other presidents.

“I mean, Billy Carter signed up as [a] representative [for] Muammar Gaddafi,” the Fox News host recalled. “You know, the Trump’s Ivanka had Chinese copyrights and patents. The Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics says that the president, while he was president, received $160 million from foreign entities.”

“And, of course, Jamie Raskin wants an investigation into how Jared Kushner
got $2 billion from the Saudis,” he added. “Should there be a change?”

But Van Drew forgave those presidential families because they received money “openly.”

“Those are different issues because that was all done openly and publicly, not behind closed doors, not with necessarily corrupt individuals,” he explained. “I mean, we knew, remember, President Trump had a business and was a very established businessman for many years.”

“That’s different,” he remarked. “And so he did seclude himself from those businesses. But his family were involved in all those businesses. But that was open, and we knew all about it.”

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