Fox And Friends Is Terrified: Abortion On Ballot In Florida

In the third hour of Fox & Friends, the co-hosts were very worried that Florida’s six-week abortion ban is now a ballot issue for Florida voters in November.

Brian Kilmeade brought up the topic: “Speaking of abortion, for political news, when it looks as though Florida is gonna have abortion on the ballot in November. If history is any barometer, that’s going to make Florida tougher to win all up and down because they are at six weeks now and there are people who are going to vote to keep it at fifteen.”

Lawrence Jones was particularly perturbed. “I guess I don’t understand the calculation on that,” he said. “I know Florida is pretty conservative, but they just had this landslide victory, it looked like DeSantis had Florida on lock.”

“And it looks like you just created an issue for Democrats to be engaged in the next election,” Jones opined.

The calculation is easy. Evangelical MAGA cultists want a national abortion ban. They want to control every aspect of a woman’s life, so her only purpose is to be a baby oven for the Christian white nationalistic male. Similar to the Taliban.

Doocy chipped in: “When you look at 2020 though, Joe Biden got 48% of Florida and Donald Trump got, I think it was 51%, and the Biden camp is now saying that they’re going to invest a bunch of money in Florida to remind him, Brian, to your point about the abortion issue and other things.”

By other things, he means marijuana legalization, which is ALSO on the Florida ballot in November.

Doocy continued: “They think, the White House does, that Florida is winnable for Joe Biden.”

“Well, the abortion deal down in Florida, the voters will just decide what they want,” Earhardt said.

The hosts then tried to comfort each other over the bad news by repeating the facts.

“But it makes it tighter,” Kilmeade replied. “It does,” Doocy agreed. “It definitely makes it tighter,” Kilmeade confirmed. “It makes it an issue, and that’s problematic for Republicans,” Doocy said.

Then Jones gave the anti-democratic game away: “It does look like he has the advantage now,” Jones said. “I just don’t understand why they would want to make it a tighter race by making that an issue.”

THEY? Is Jones suggesting the Florida Supreme Court should have just served the “needs” of Ron DeSantis? Yes, yes he is.

And that’s the thing. Republicans want absolute power and because they have had success taking over the courts, they think they deserve power over women, minorities, what have you.

The segment turned to high comedy when Ainsley Earhardt implored blue-state residents who moved to Florida to “leave their politics behind.”

“If you’re one of those that left a blue state to go down to Florida, don’t take your politics with you,” she scolded. “Remember why you left, and you left Florida to pay lower taxes, and that’s the Republican party.”

Democrats are not allowed to move to any red state unless they sign a loyalty pledge to support Republicans and all MAGA cultists? Adorable!

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