Former GOP Rep Ken Buck Assigns Marge A New Nickname

Republicans are now the party of Putin, with even some of their voters supporting the Russian dictator over President Biden. Former GOP Rep. Ken Buck spoke with Erin Burnett on ‘OutFront,’ and assigned a well-earned nickname to controversial Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, referring to her as ‘Moscow Marjorie.’

“So Congressman, you heard Sunlin talk about some of the conspiracies Greene has pushed over the years, and obviously now saying that, you know, if the Speaker doesn’t do what she wants regarding Ukraine, she’s going to go ahead with what she can now do, right, just takes one to force a vote on the speakership,” Burnett said. “Does it worry you that she has this much power in the House of Representatives?”

“Well, Marjorie has this much power because we have such a small majority at this point in time,” Buck said. “Mike Johnson, the Speaker, is on the right side of history, and Marjorie is on the wrong side of history.”

“We know that Russia is propagating these false statements and narratives about what’s going on in Ukraine,” he continued. “We know that she is getting her talking points from Russia. And we know that they’re false.”

“And Mike Johnson is doing the responsible thing by trying to make sure we get a vote on Ukraine funding, make sure that the Ukrainian people can fight for their freedom,” Buck said. “The fact that Marjorie is continuing down this false path, I don’t think many Republicans are going to support her. There will be some.”

“And I expect that the Democrats recognize this moment in history and the importance of being bipartisan in supporting Mike Johnson,” he said.

Burnett mentioned Marge’s attacks on Speaker Johnson over funding for Ukraine and then added that the Georgia Rep. suggested Johnson might be blackmailed.

“Do you take this seriously?” Burnett asked.

“No, I think it’s irresponsible, as so many of the statements that Marjorie has made over the years are completely irresponsible,” Buck said. “The idea that somehow the Speaker is corrupt because he believes that we should be supporting an ally that’s been invaded by a war criminal, Vladimir Putin,” Buck said.

“And the idea that somehow anybody who is in agreement with Ukraine and our NATO allies is corrupt, it’s just another distraction that she uses to take away from the core arguments that are so important,” he continued.

Burnett: So when you talk about her, it is a bit different, obviously, than what the man you voted to remove as speaker, Kevin McCarthy, said about her.

Buck later spoke of his experience with working with Marge.

“My experience with Marjorie is that people have talked to her about not filing articles of impeachment against President Biden before he was sworn into office, on not filing articles of impeachment that were groundless against other individuals in the Biden administration,” he said. “And she was never moved by that.”

‘Moscow Marjorie’ sounds about right.

“She was always focused on her social media account,” he added. “Moscow Marjorie is focused now on this Ukraine issue, getting her talking points from the Kremlin, and making sure that she is popular and getting a lot of coverage.”

Marge certainly did earn that nickname.

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