FloorPops FAQ: Your Ultimate Guide to Peel & Stick Floor Tiles

Now I don’t want to get anyone in trouble, but we have worked with FloorPops several times in our own home and possibly done things differently than recommended. So we wanted to do our own FAQ about our FloorPops, because we’ve installed them now several times without issue. Here you’ll find answers to your questions in our own voice with our own experience. You can see the official FAQ for FloorPops here.

Chris Loves Julia | FloorPops in the girls' bathroom

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“Why FloorPops and not tile?”

Budget and ease of installation. This is a project that can be done in a day for many small spaces, and it only requires a razor blade knife, a square, and a pencil. 

“What material are they made from?”

They are vinyl tiles with a low-luster finish and strong adhesive.

“Where do you use FloorPops in a house?”

Chris Loves Julia | Beige and white FloorPops
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Bathrooms, laundry, kitchen, mudroom, utility rooms – anywhere that could use a quick improvement, really. We have them in our home gym, the playroom bathroom, and our girls’ bathroom pictured above.

“What surfaces can they be applied on?”

These are for interior use only, so concrete, smooth wood and sub-floor is great. We’ve installed over tile many times. FloorPops recommends that you don’t use then on unprepped ceramic or slate tiles, laminate, old vinyl, rough wood, outdoor or vertical surfaces, or heated floors (which would loosen the adhesive).

“Can FloorPops be used as flooring in a new construction?”

Sure, just be sure to install on a subfloor or recommended surface.

“What do you think about using them on a shower wall? Are they waterproof?”

Not going to work, unfortunately. They’re not meant to be used vertically. Also they’re water-resistant but not waterproof for constantly wet spaces.

“Can you put them in an unheated patio, covered porch or enclosed sun room?”

You can use the tiles on concrete, but indoors only. 

“Are they waterproof? Does water seep through the seams?”

They are water-resistant, but not waterproof. We’ve had no trouble with them in the girls’ bathroom.

“How much do FloorPops raise the overall floor level? How thick are they?”

They’re about ⅛ inch thick – very little raise on the floor. 

“What about installing FloorPops over the same size tile?”

When dealing with the same size tiles as the FloorPops, 12″ x 12″, you could grout them right over top, which could have a nice finished look to it.

“Can you put FloorPops over different sized tiles?”

Yes, you can, but it’s best to not match the seams with your grout lines. Try to stagger them to create a smoother surface.

Chris Loves Julia | Installing gray and white checked FloorPops

FloorPops Bonneville Grey & White

“How do you prep the floors?”

We have a post about this! You can clean the floor really well and we applied a self-stick tile primer for good measure. 

“How do we measure for how much we need?”

FloorPops has a handy calculator on their website under each product page. You just need to know the floor length and width.

“Where do you start laying FloorPops first? Middle of the room or the edge?”

It’s best to start centered on the room’s primary entrance, so the first thing you see is centered. 

Chris Loves Julia | Home gym with gray and white checked FloorPops

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“Will grout lines underneath eventually show through? Does it go over grout lines well if you want to change the pattern of the floor?”

I can’t say they “never” will, but I can say that so far for us they never have. FloorPops recommends you fill in grout lines with a thin set mortar to avoid this. Changing the pattern of the floor is also something I suggest. You’re more likely to have cupping on the corners if every edge is sitting over a grout line. Stagger them so the FloorPops tiles don’t perfectly align with the tile underneath. 

“Do you have to grout in the tile lines during installation?”

We have never filled in grout lines and have never had any issues at all, but that is up to each person. Sometimes the tile we have in our house has more of a wavy edge. So how do we address adding FloorPops over top? We butted them up against each other; basically we rotated the FloorPops to a 90-degree angle so they’re laying on top of the floor tiles, covering the grout lines for a smooth look.

“What grout would you use to ensure no water could get trapped underneath?”

I wouldn’t use grout with this product personally. Fit the tiles as close together as possible, and caulk the edges around the walls. If the tiles get wet within 24 hours of laying, dry it up ASAP or they could pull up. Once they’re really stuck down – after a week or so – it takes a lot to get them to come up. Even still, don’t let wet stuff or puddles of water sit on them for too long. 

“What type of transition strip do you use? Does it match the FloorPops?”

We’ve only ever butted the tiles up to transition strips already in place, and it looks great. If you don’t have one in place, use either a light marble transition (to match the FloorPops) or something that matches the material of the adjacent flooring. 

Chris Loves Julia | Stairwell adjacent to gray and white checked FloorPops

“Do you have to take off the baseboards to install FloorPops?”

This depends. If there’s space to sneak them under, then no. If you feel confident you can cut your edges really tight to the baseboard, then also no. But if your cuts are wide and crooked and not caulkable, you may need to either remove the baseboard or add a quarter round shoe mold along the base of the wall overtop the new flooring. 

“What tools do I need to easily cut FloorPops to size?”

Only tools needed are a razor blade knife, square, measuring tape (possibly), a pencil, and a scrap piece of wood or something to cut on.

“Are there any special care requirements?”

Chris Loves Julia | Black and white square checked FloorPops

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They’re so low-maintenance that it makes it easy to clean. We just use a Swiffer Wet Jet and just mop it right up. We don’t do anything special.

“Do FloorPops feel sticky on the seams or attract dirt?”

Not if the seams are tight. You should be good there!

“Is there anything to help them not be slippery?”

There are DIY paint-on abrasive anti-slip floor coatings that are available commercially, like SparkleTough.

“Are FloorPops pretty durable?”

Extremely durable, and you can swap individual tiles out if needed. That’s helpful in case one gets dented from a sharp object dropping on it.

Chris Loves Julia | Home gym with gray and white checked FloorPops

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“How are your FloorPops holding up? How long do they last?”

No obvious wear! They still look new. When installed properly, they can last for years.

“Are FloorPops removable without damage? Considering for a rental.”

I recently tried to remove a few tiles in the girls’ bathroom to reinstall after our toilet overflowed, and it took me 10 minutes per tile to peel them up. So I would say that they’re really not very removable!

“Are they available in the UK or Canada?”

Right now they’re available in the United States and Canada.

“Will you ever come out with more FloorPops designs?”

Absolutely! We can’t share any details yet, but we’re very excited about the new looks. It’s also great that our check patterns are so classic, they will never go out of style!

Chris Loves Julia | Girl's bathroom and shower with FloorPops on the floor

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If we missed your question, drop us a comment below!

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