Final Cut Pro for iPad gets support for external drives and live multicam recording

Apple is all over the place today on the hardware side of things, having just . However, some of Apple’s most beloved software is also getting some love. There’s a Final Cut Pro for tablets that brings plenty of long-requested features.

The big news for video editors? Final Cut Pro for iPad 2 (actual name) now supports external drives. Video editing projects are typically gigantic when you consider all of that raw footage. It’s easy to fill up all of the available space of an iPad with footage from one or two scenes, let alone an entire project. This fixes a major barrier of entry for those curious about editing on a tablet. It also makes it easier to hand off footage to another editor or import footage to Final Cut Pro for Mac.

The software is even bringing live multicam recording to iPads. This lets creators capture up to four different angles of a single scene spread across multiple devices. Everything connects wirelessly via a new app called Final Cut Camera, which gives a real-time “director’s view” on four iPhones or iPads. Each feed has its own settings that can be adjusted, like focus, zoom and more. Editable preview clips immediately get passed on to Final Cut Pro for editing.

As for customization options, Final Cut Pro for iPad 2 brings 12 new color-grading presets, eight basic text tiles, 20 new soundtracks and more dynamic backgrounds. These will be especially useful when creating title sequences and the like.

The software in action.


The Mac version of Final Cut Pro is also getting a fairly substantial update, with a focus on AI. The software leverages Apple silicon’s Neural Engine to bring a bit of AI flourish to basic editing tasks. The update allows users to change up colors, color balance, contrast and brightness all at the same time. There’s also something called Smooth Slo-Mo that pairs with AI, in which “frames of video are intelligently generated and blended together, providing the highest-quality movement.” The timeline has also been refreshed and looks a bit more intuitive.

Finally, there’s an update to , with a new session player feature and a stem splitter tool. The updates for Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for iPad are available for free to current users and cost $5 per month for new users, which is the same pricing model as last year when . Final Cut Pro for Mac costs $300 for new users, but the update is free for pre-existing users. All of these updates drop later this spring.

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