Felon45 Glitches Out At Rally. We're Sure The NYT Will Be All Over This

After taking nearly two weeks off, the felon delivered his usual fact-free speech at his campaign event in Florida on Tuesday night. Donald held the event at his Doral golf course, where he listed his air of grievances during his 75-minute rambling, incoherent speech. That’s something the raging narcissist has done since he first ran for President, and it hasn’t stopped ever since.

President Biden, he falsely claimed, raised the price of bacon four-fold. “We don’t eat bacon anymore,” Trump insisted.

Donald has previously claimed that the price of “bacon is up five times” under Biden. Both of those claims are blatant lies.

Trump delivered an unhinged rant about airports that is similar to his extended rant in 2018 on how he’s broken more records than Elton John. They’re similar because both didn’t fit in with what he was saying previously. He just goes off on tangents for no explainable reason. Of course, Donald’s supporters, who seem to be hypnotized by one of the worst people who have ever occupied the White House, will dismiss it. Oh, that’s just Trump being Trump! But that’s our point. He’s being himself, and his rants are a frightening glimpse into a damaged person’s mind.

He then glitched out, which the former President frequently does at his ego rallies.

“Yes, oh yes, and quickly says President Trump,” Donald said. “Yes. Oh, yes.”

What does that even mean? Imagine if Biden said that. We would never stop hearing about it on the news. Both Biden and Trump have the olds, but only one of them is dangerous.

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