Did Trump Just Break The Gag Order? Sure Looks Like It!

George Washington Law School Professor Jonathan Turley said on Fox News that he’s been opposed to gag orders for years, but I doubt his family members have been targeted.

Judge Merchan expanded the gag order after Donald Trump repeatedly attacked his daughter. Trump seems only to want MAGA judges, and for all we know, Merchan could be a conservative. I’m the only Democrat in my family (Thanksgivings are super weird), so his attacks don’t make sense.

At any rate, Lumpy immediately broke the gag order by posting a clip of Turley discussing the integrity of the New York legal system. Fox News’s Brian Kilmeade made remarks about Judge Merchan’s daughter, and of course, he echoed a fake news story about his daughter’s Xitter account.

He couldn’t help himself:

Trump pinned the post, so it’s on his page twice. Trump is not taking the gag order very well. Earlier, he posted that now “I can not talk about the corruption and conflicts taking place in his courtroom.”

Or, and stay with me here for a moment, he could not target the judge’s daughter. That’s not hard to do, but it’s obviously a challenge for the Stable Genius.

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