Did Ronna Just Earn Herself Some MAGA Cred?

You might think McDaniel is going through a difficult time, what with the many attacks on her credibility from major on-air figures at NBC and MSNBC. But think about it: McDaniel was ditched by Donald Trump and was no longer seen as sufficiently loyal to MAGA, yet now she’s a right-wing martyr. That’s very, very good for her post-RNC career.

Republican propagandists are deliberately lying about the anger over her hiring. Mick Mulvaney, for instance:

“This has nothing to do with Ronna McDaniel’s behavior during Jan. 6 or the 2020 election,” Mulvaney said Monday during an appearance on cable news channel NewsNation. “NBC just cannot stand having somebody from the right on their sacred airwaves. If it wasn’t so sad, it would be hysterically funny.”

And Fox News:

NBC’s Ronna McDaniel meltdown marks latest news outlet to face revolt from liberal staff for GOP platforming

… Notably, none of NBC’s on-air talent expressed any outrage when the network in 2022 not only hired President Biden’s press secretary Jen Psaki after having discussions as she was serving in the White House but also gave Psaki her own show.

And RedState:

Pathetic Delusion – the Democrat Operatives at NBC News Wail When a Republican Joins the Roster

… When its stable of former Democrat operatives find it intolerable when a lone Republican operative is brought on, it speaks clearly to the slanted foundation at NBC News. It becomes pathetic when the people who want to lecture us about how things are corrupt cannot even see how they blatantly appear to the general public.

A week ago, MAGA Nation considered McDaniel an insufficiently loyal has-been. Now she’s seen as a victim of the all-powerful liberal mob. After all this, she can get more money from (I assume) Fox News than she was ever going to get from NBC — and she’ll get to keep the NBC money … and maybe she’ll sue NBC anyway.

She’s a walking, talking bloody shirt now, like Donald Trump. This will turbocharge her career the way indictments turbocharged Trump’s post-presidency. Thanks a lot, NBC, for giving her this boost.

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