Conservative Latino Family Regretful After Moving To Red State Idaho To Escape California 'Politics'

A conservative Mexican family moved from California to Idaho but decided to return due to difficulties “fitting in,” facing “judgmental attitudes” and gossip.

Their story resonated with many, highlighting challenges in conservative states. However, people also mocked the family for moving to the red state in the first place.

Despite the appeal of Idaho’s values and lifestyle, rising home prices are making it less affordable. Between 2021 and 2022, Idaho was a top relocation choice for Californians, impacting population trends.

Conservative Latino Family Reveals Regret Moving To Idaho From California

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In a TikTok video gaining traction, a conservative Mexican family shared their experience of relocating from California to Idaho due to political reasons, only to decide to move back to California.

“We decided after 3 years in Idaho, we are going back home,” the family stated. “We wanted to move to a Conservative state, but we realized what it would mean to fit in.”

They continued, “It would mean we would need to be judgmental. We would need to gossip about others. Have our kids forget how to say please and thank you. Talk bad about new people moving here for a better life.”

Explaining why they initially moved away from California, they said, “Left California because of politics but forgot there are other kinds of politics to consider…”

The Family’s Confession Was Met With Mixed Reactions On Social Media

Many people resonated with the family’s story in the comment section of their post. One person mentioned, “I moved to Idaho a couple of years ago. I feel the same way. We honestly don’t talk to a lot of people here. You’re spot on!”

Another commenter said, “I so wish I could move to California! I live in a very conservative state, and I absolutely hate it.”

A third person added, “I feel this so much!! Moved from Cali 11 years ago and I still go through this.”

However, some users on X criticized the family for choosing to move to the red state.

Someone wrote, “The video was so cringy and attention-seeking. Conservative content creators are my least fav.”

Another questioned, “Wait, so they [have] been living under the illusion of inclusion, and then Idaho reminded them they [are] not white?”

A third mocked, “Y’all want to be conservative so bad until y’all actually meet racist conservatives not in California.”

Idaho Has Become A Haven For Conservative Californians

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The Mexican family is one of many conservative Californians who have left the Golden State for Idaho. Russell Petti, a 70-year-old lawyer who moved from La Cañada, California to Twin Falls, Idaho a few months ago, marveled at how pleasant everything was.

“It’s absolutely wonderful,” Petti told The Independent. “It really, really is. For one thing, the people are just so remarkably pleasant and polite. It’s like moving back into a different age.”

He compared his experience to Mayberry, the idyllic small town from the 1960s Andy Griffith Show. “For a while there, I thought they were putting me on,” he added.

Another Californian, Brendan Kirkpatrick, a 55-year-old dissatisfied with California’s politics, relocated to Idaho. He was particularly concerned about the state’s handling of immigration and homelessness, which he felt signified a decline in law and order.

Additionally, Kirkpatrick appreciated Idaho’s relaxed approach to mask mandates and Covid-19 regulations. “It’s a mixture of all of that,” he said. “I don’t think it’s any one thing.”

California, Oregon, And Washington Migrants Moving To The Gem State Are Called ‘The Cows’

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The migration of people from the West Coast to Idaho has become so common that they are nicknamed “The Cows” (California, Oregon, Washington) in the Gem State, per The Independent.

Jason Krafsky, a real estate agent with John L. Scott Boise, shared with the publication that he moved from Seattle to Idaho in 2021 during the pandemic, drawn by real estate opportunities, and has since helped numerous West Coasters relocate.

“I would say, probably 70 percent of the people that we know are from California, and they’ve moved in the last five to six years,” Krafsky noted.

The realtor shared that clients and new friends feel that the California, Seattle, or Portland they once knew has changed. The reasons for moving aren’t solely political; the economic impacts of the pandemic have also played a significant role.

“It’s mixed into the cake,” Krafsky added. “I don’t know anybody who says, ‘I am done,’ for completely political reasons.”

Idaho Housing Market Becomes One Of The Most Over-Valued Following Influx Of Newcomers

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Between 2021 and 2022, Idaho ranked among the top five destinations for Californians relocating, significantly impacting California’s overall population trends.

“They moved here because their values match here,” Nicholas Contos, chair of Idaho’s Bonneville County Republican Party, told The Independent.

However, the cost of living in Idaho has become less appealing as the influx of newcomers has driven up home prices.

By mid-2023, Idaho was one of the most over-valued housing markets in the country, although prices have started to decline from their pandemic peak.

“The housing market is through the roof up here,” former Californian Brendan Kirkpatrick said. “I could not afford it if I left a week ago to sell my house in Southern California and move here.”

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